Monthly Archives: August 2007

Thursday August 30, 2007

We had a really fun day playing with the cousins!  Big Brother was so excited about them coming today that he woke up at 6:30am, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything.  He should take a very good nap!

We started the day off with waffles, got everyone into their clothes, and then painted.  The hot day was perfect for squirt guns and water balloons in the backyard.  They also washed all of the bikes and toy cars.

My oldest thinks that life would be perfect, if he could just have all of his cousins live at his house.  The two littlest boys gravitated towards each other.  It’s funny how even at their young age they are already seeking out others who are similar to themselves.

My mom came to help play with the kids, which made the day all the more special for them and a lot less work for me!

He was my unexpected artist.  He was so patient and methodical with his painting.

Fun times!  We must do it again!

Wednesday August 29, 2007

The box of art supplies arrived on my front porch on Monday.  I’m almost 30 years old, but when I opened those boxes of color pastels I felt like I was 4-years-old all over again.  I remember holding that box of beautiful pristine crayons and thinking that I was holding the whole world in my hands.  That clean white pad of paper just waiting to be colored on! 

It was so tempting to abandon nap time chores and sit down and start drawing, but… my husband likes to have clean clothes for work.  Yesterday I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to start a picture, it’s an orchard scene for my husband.  It’s not going as smoothly as I would like.  Drawing anything more than rolling hills is stretching my artistic ability, but as they say “Practice makes perfect” or in my case slightly better!

Tuesday August 28, 2007

Even though I feel the hot sun on my shoulders, I know it’s coming.  I see it out of the corner of my eye.  Autumn is coming.  The yellow birch leaves are dotting the green grass on the back lawn, long shadows are coming earlier in the evening, almonds are on the ground, and a golden haze has settled on the fields.  I also find myself reaching for my James Taylor C.D.s.  For some reason I always listen to James Taylor, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Rich Mullins in the fall.  In the spring it’s a solid diet of Ella Fitzgerald and in the Summer; Reckless Kelly and The Jayhawks.  I’m not sure how this system evolved over the years but it’s become almost a seasonal compulsion; like the migration of birds or the rotation of the planets.

It has been the month of Birthdays for our family.  Between our two families we celebrated 8 birthdays this month.  My oldest son now thinks that birthdays are a weekly event much like going to church on Sunday. 

Between all of the celebrating we’ve had a few small changes.  Baby boy has started to crawl!  It’s not pretty or fast but it is all four arms and legs moving in a forward direction.  

Just a few pictures from the week before-

The boys kicked back, relaxing at Gavin’s Birthday
The leftover balloons from the party have been a big hit at our house.


Thursday August 23, 2007

The Mother of two Dirt Clods

Since the move to our new home interrupted our summer camping plans, we decided to squeeze a camping trip out of the rapidly disappearing summer.  We loaded up the trailer with everything we own and went off to “rough it” in the wilderness!  My mom and dad went with us which made taking care of the boys so much easier.

The boys enjoyed all of the camping rites of passage: bug bites, eating watermelon, being covered with dirt from dawn to dusk, sunscreen, tan lines, swimming in the lake, eating B-B-Q… did I mention being covered with dirt?

Flying the airplane with Dad
Getting ready for bedtime
Eating watermelon in their diapers. What a couple of hill-billy babies!
Looking at a bug
Nap time and camping do not go together!  He would occasionally just droop out of sheer exhaustion.
My mom brought him water balloons to play with. It’s all fun and games until one pops on you!
The lake was beautiful and the water felt very nice.
He is getting more and more adventurous in the water.  I’m pleased but it makes me a little nervous.
I honestly think he could live the rest of his life camping!  I don’t think he would even miss his home.

No camping trip would be complete without a little friendly card game and some late night snacking.  It was way past their bedtime but they wouldn’t be happy until they could join in the fun.

Sunday August 19, 2007

I have never believed in love at first sight.  The two exceptions to this rule being; babies and automobiles.  To fall in love with someone the second you lay eyes on them, defies everything I know about love (which is admittedly not much).

For most of my life “home” was a geographic location, an address under a street sign.  When you love someone suddenly “home” becomes wherever that person is.

He was on a business trip last week.  It was strange to lay beside an empty pillow and feel a little homesick.

Sunday August 19, 2007

As I was getting him undressed for his bath tonight I found the following items in his pocket:

                      1 Slightly chewed eraser

                      2 Square silver gift tags

                      Several small rocks

                      1 dried up glue stick

                      and a pair of finger nail clippers

It never hurts to be prepared!

Saturday August 11, 2007

He has become very interested in flipping through the pages of my Bible.  While I’m pleased with this recent development I’m not so pleased with the ripped pages in my Bible.

I decided it might be time to get him his own Bible.  We went to Yesterday’s Books and picked out a Children’s picture Bible for him to take to church.  I also thought it might be a good opportunity to start letting him bring an offering to church as well.

Sunday morning came and after he got dressed for church we got his Bible down and we tucked a small envelope of coins in it’s pages.  We told him that he was going to take the money to church and give it to Jesus.  He was very excited.  He kept taking the envelope out and examining it all the while saying, “Give monies to Jesus Mommy?” 

The Bible and money rode on his lap to church,was carried into church under his arm, and then carefully placed on the seat next to him.

When the offering was passed around Daddy helped him get his money out and put it in the bag.  As he dropped the money in the bag and watched it being passed down the row he started to scream and cry. “No  Daddy! No monies!”, he sobbed. 

Evidently, he didn’t realize that when you give money to Jesus- it’s for keeps!

Wednesday August 8, 2007

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with his fascination with books.  I’ve made a habit of picking books up at used book stores, or the sale tables at discount stores.  I was collecting children’s books long before I had children and now it’s really paying off.

About a month and a half ago I decided to put all of the picture books in the playroom where he could reach them.  The window seat in the playroom makes a perfect place for reading.  I was a bit reluctant; not knowing how gentle he would be with them but he’s been great.  Several times a day I will find him pouring over the pages.

I love walking through the house and seeing him sprawled out on the carpet or curled up on the window seat, with a stack of them next to him.  I know from the look on his face that he is totally and blissfully lost in the pictures of the book.

Plus, there are very few things in this world that will keep him still for more than a few seconds!