Monthly Archives: August 2007

Tuesday August 7, 2007

Why do I suck my tummy in when I stand on the scale?

Why will he only drink water from a garden hose?

Why do I bother cleaning house?

It sounded perfectly rational in my head.  So why did it sound insane when I said it out loud?

Why does it bother me when he smacks his lips when he’s sitting in his car seat?  It really shouldn’t.

Why do I keep eating when I’m full?  I should just tell myself, “Self.  You’re full-  STOP EATING!”

Why am I a sucker for anything with frosting on it?

Why is there peanut butter on the back of his head, and when was the last time I fed him peanut butter?

Monday August 6, 2007

It was a busy week last week for my little guy.  On Thursday we took him to get his pictures taken and he did great.  I had forgotten how much easier it is to take pictures when they can’t crawl off the mat. 

On Friday he had a well baby check up.  He was so brave!  Even when he got his shots he just let out a little whimper.  He weighed 18lbs. and was 27 inches long.  In all other areas you want your child to be extraordinary, but when it comes to their health you are more than happy to hear, “Everything looks normal.”!

Eating a much deserved icecream cone after his appointment on Friday.

Uncle E keeping him out of the wind and sun on the boat.

Monday August 6, 2007


When I think of the events that led up to our children becoming apart of our lives I usually think about it in the following sequence of events:

We conceived them, I carried them for nine months, I gave birth to them, and together we formed these two amazing boys.  While all of this is true, what is equally true and so much more significant to me; is that they are gifts.  Gifts given from God.  Unmerited, priceless in value, given to us for safe keeping.

Along with these two precious lives came other gifts.  Selflessness beyond my own abilities, unlike any I have exhibited in any other relationship.  Wisdom to know what they need and the strength to give it to them.  Love that is so fierce and consuming it takes the breath right out of me.

When I say that God has been good to me I do not say it lightly.