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Wednesday December 26, 2007

,One year ago today, I woke up pregnant.  I wasn’t supposed to still be pregnant, I was supposed to be in a hospital room holding my newborn son.  It was 12 hours past my due date and he was refusing to vacate.

I had been trying to stay positive but that morning I decided to just revel in my misery.  Shortly after breakfast we got the call that Steph had gone into labor 2 months early.  Suddenly being a bit over-due didn’t seem like such a big deal.  I snapped out of my funk, and we headed to the hospital.  The doctors had stopped Steph’s contractions and the baby was doing good, but it was looking like she would be staying in the hospital for a while.  We stayed and chatted for a while, and headed for home a little after 2:00.  He offered to drive the car up to the front of the hospital, but I insisted on walking.  He suggested we take the elevator to the forth floor where our car was parked, but I wanted to climb the stairs.  By the time we pulled out of the parking lot I had my first contraction, and they didn’t stop until he was born, just before 11:00 that night.

For weeks the doctors had been telling me that he would probably be about 7 lbs. when he was born.  I was a bit surprised when the nurse handed me an 8lb. 13 oz. baby boy with a head full of curly hair.  When I found out I was pregnant with my second son I wondered how it would be possible to love another child as much as I did my first.  When they put him in my arms I wondered how that thought could have ever crossed my mind.


                                February                                                        March




Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Sunday December 23, 2007

Someday he’ll be grown.  He will probably be taller than me and he might have a son of his own.  But in my mind he will always look like this…

His little jeans with worn spots on the knees, the colorful stocking cap with ear flaps dangling at the side, muddy sneakers, and that beautiful face beaming up at me.

Tuesday December 18, 2007

Our family is still a pretty young family.  We haven’t established very many Christmas traditions yet, except…

The first year we were married I bought a small red Christmas photo album.  Every Christmas we take a family picture and I put it in the album.  On the back of each picture I write a short paragraph.  I usually tell where the picture was taken, where we are living, if I’m pregnant, the ages of the children, etc.  I counted the number of pages in the album and by the time we fill it up the boys will be 13 and 12 years-old.

The following are all of the pictures we have taken so far.  With the exception of the first two years which were not taken with a digital camera (hard to imagine!).

Christmas 2002

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2004, pregnant with our oldest son

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2006, pregnant with youngest son

Christmas 2007

Monday December 17, 2007

In all of our trips to Pajaro, the weather has not been our friend.  We normally take our family trip to the ocean in the spring, and we have battled storms and gale force winds.  Who knew that our December trip would bring near perfect weather!

We all arrived with enough food to feed a family 5 times our size, and we pretty much ate the whole weekend.  Laying on the beach, eating,  taking long  walks…  my idea of the  perfect  vacation.  The  highlight of the trip for Big Brother was our trip to Gilroy Gardens (formally Bonfante Gardens).  It’s a beautiful theme park just outside of Gilroy that has been designed for small children (not that the adults didn’t enjoy ourselves!).  I think Baby Boy would have had more fun at Gilroy Garden’s if he hadn’t gotten car sick (all over himself and his car seat… not a pretty sight).

The down side of enjoying the company of family in close quarters, is we managed to share more than just food and fun. The stomach flu hit our happy little vacation house on the last night.  We also realized, after we had come in from the beach, that Big Brother was running a pretty high fever.   He  spent the  remainder of the night watching “Veggie Tales” on the couch.

All in all, a great time was had by all!

Three crazy boys, one lovely little girl

Okay, so some people did a little more than eat and lay on the beach
Baby Boy was not very pleased with the sand… he preferred Grandpa’s lap.
A family picture at Gilroy Gardens
I managed to get a picture of him smiling, but for most of the evening he was screaming.
He was so thrilled to ride on the rides. He was grinning from ear to ear all night long.

Just two cool guys eating Cheez-its and watching TV

On the last day we took a walk before we packed up and headed for home.
He’s a good big brother.

Tuesday December 11, 2007

All of the stores have been bursting with Christmas decorations since the day after Halloween.  Up until this past weekend our house looked very unfestive.  As I pulled out my small box of Christmas decorations, I was thinking that they were woefully inadequate, and that a trip to the holiday section at Target was needed.

The boys were both sick this weekend, and a trip to the store was not possible, so instead I began hunting though closets and boxes.  I rounded up an old wreath, some red buckets, an old window Jess had given me, and with a little work (and some greenery from my mother-in-law’s yard),  they started to look very festive!

Don’t misunderstand me, I like new things,  but it was fun to take old things and make them new again.


He’s been through a lot these last several days.  Bless his heart.  He’s had a cold, been breaking in new teeth, and had the stomach flu.  It’s no wonder he fell asleep after only being in his crib for a few minutes.

Hoping we are all healthy for our annual trip to Pajaro this weekend.

Wednesday December 5, 2007

Motherhood changed me in a lot of ways.  My body, my mind (it’s just not working anymore), and I’m afraid of things that never crossed my mind before I was a mother.  The things that thrill me have changed quite a bit too; when all of the sippy cups have lids, when I get out of the shower and don’t hear crying…

Yesterday he was playing in the playroom with his legos.  I watched him get his tub off the shelf and carry it to the table.  He sat down and started to build; all by himself.  He made towers, and “campers”, and boats.  Then when he was done, he put all of the toys back into the tub and put the tub on the shelf!  HE LISTENS TO ME!  All of the times I sat with him and showed him how to put away his toys… and it’s finally paying off.

When you’re a mom you don’t get bonuses, or atta-boys, or plaques, but every once in a while you get moments like that!

Tuesday December 4, 2007

The last week slipped by so quickly, and busily, that I almost didn’t notice some important things happening at our house.  Baby Boy got his first tooth!  He finally has something to show for all of that teething.  I’m so glad, toothless is only adorable for so long.  At the end of the month he will be one-year-old and I will have to stop calling him Baby Boy.  I think about this time last year, and I’m so grateful to not be 9 months pregnant.

We’ve been trying to potty train Big Brother.  I can’t decide if I’m just not giving it my all, or if he’s really not ready.  I think I’ll give it to the end of the week and then reevaluate.  A woman in the grocery store told me she potty trained her 2-year-old son in just one day.  She recommended Kit-Kat bars.  I smiled and thanked her, trying not to let her see the disbelief and discouragement I was feeling.  He has to potty train sooner or later… right!?

I didn’t take very many pictures this week.  Mostly because of our busy week, but also because my little one has been sick and pictures of puffy-eyed, booger crusted faces just don’t appeal to me.

Giving his brother some grooming tips

Tried to snap a few pictures of the the boys and I.
Alli’s always turn out better than this.
  That may have something to do with the subject matter :)