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Thursday January 31, 2008

I’m really excited.

Tomorrow we leave, and they stay.  This will be the first time leaving both the boys over night.

Concert tickets for 7:30, and the hotel in down town Sacramento, is booked.

The concert will be great, an overnight trip with my husband sounds wonderful, and the thought of sleeping in…. ahhh!

Monday January 28, 2008

Today in church, one of our ministers, related a story about his coworker.  He and his wife had accompanied their 18-year-old son to Las Vegas, where his son’s baseball team was competing in a championship game.

After the game was played the coach decided to treat the team to a dinner at a restaurant where scantily clad women preformed.  This man and his wife didn’t feel that this was an appropriate place for the team to be going, but they decided to let their son make his own decision.  To their dismay he got in the van to go to the restaurant with the team, as they headed back to their hotel with heavy hearts.  After they had been in their hotel room for a while the man left to go on a walk.  As he walked out of his room he looked down the hall and saw his son walking towards him.  He said, “I thought you went to the restaurant with the team?”  To which his son replied, “No, I had someone bring me back.   I’m  a  Christian;  and I need to act like one.”

I hope that someday my own boys will have the strength and faith to be the men that God desires them to be.  So often I hear people talk about experiencing shame and ridicule for the sake of Christ.  But sometimes I wonder if the reverse is true about me.  How often does God look down at me and feel ashamed to call me His child.  Do I just get in the van with everyone else, or do I stand and say, “I’m a Christian, and I’m going to act like one.”  I’m not talking about preforming, or earning.  I just want Him to be proud of me.  I don’t think that any amount of ridicule could hurt as much as the knowledge of disappointing Him.  Somehow I have to hold onto that truth, especially in the heat of the moment.  How will my boys know how to stand strong if they don’t see me holding fast?

Friday January 25, 2008

The appointment has been made

Tonight at J.C.Penny’s

The clothes have been chosen, ironed, and set out

Just thinking about it is making my head hurt

Someday, when I look at all of these professional photos,
will I be glad I suffered through stressful appointments?

Or will I say… That really wasn’t worth the years it took off my life.

Photo update:  the pictures went really smoothly.  Both boys were happy and did what the photographer wanted, and we got some pretty cute pictures.  When you expect the worst you are mosty likely prepare for any situation, and every once in a while; you can be pleasantly suprised!  Now we wait for two weeks to get them back.

Sunday January 20, 2008

It has been a busy two weeks since I posted last.  A good kind of busy.  The happy hum of productivity.  I like January.  The crisp cold weather, the dark bare branches of the orchard against the light blue sky, and I like getting tidy and organized after the business of the holidays.

I spent the last few weeks cleaning out closets and drawers, redecorating, finishing projects, and starting some fun new projects.  I think the boys are enjoying spending more time at home.

A few exciting events have happened in our lives.  First, we added on to our family.

This is Riley.  He’s a 7-year-old Australian Shepard/ Collie mix.  His owners needed to move out of state and were unable to take him.  He is just the sweetest guy! So good with the boys!

There can be no doubt who this dog belongs to.  Whenever he talks about Riley it’s, “I’m going to feed MY dog”, or “let’s take MY dog for a walk.”!  The picture of him on the left was the very next morning after we picked Riley up.  It is 7 am and he is still in his P.J’s, but he is ready to take “his dog” on a walk.

Baby Boy is walking!  I realized that we don’t have any photos of him walking because we’ve been too busy tape recording him.  He’s so funny when he walks, he looks like little robot baby.

Here are just a few pictures taken throughout the weeks…

The kitchen table became their tent for the day.  They ate their meals and played under there all afternoon.
We enjoyed a quick walk before the storm clouds rolled in.

Watching football with Dad

He’s growing up… starting to want to be “one of the guys”.

Monday January 7, 2008

The break in the rain was just what they needed.  Socks, hats, jackets, boots, and we were ready to face the elements.

This is him; right after he fell on his bottom in the middle of the puddle.

He said: and I quote, “Woo-hoo!  F-A-N-tastick!

Friday January 4, 2008

It is a sad, sad day at our house.  We (when I say “we” I mean, I) cut of the ends of his pacifiers off and threw them in the garbage.  Horror and disbelief flashed across his face as he ran screaming into his dad’s arms.   For several minutes he would have nothing to do with me, he just clung to his dad and wept.   He is learning that “You’re a big boy” is code for, “you’re not going to like this”.

In the 7 years I taught preschool, I saw a lot of different parenting styles.  The one that frustrated me the most were weak parents.  More often than not it was the mother who fell into this pattern.  They would come into my classroom wringing their hands, telling me how fed up they were, and that they  didn’t know what to do.  Most of the time, they knew exactly what they needed to do;  they just didn’t have the strength to do it.  I never had much sympathy for them… until now.

Sometimes it’s not easy to do what’s best for your child.  It hasn’t been easy for me to enforce rules, to break bad habits,  or to give them a needed push in the right direction.  That doesn’t mean I don’t do what is needed, but I realize now how tempting it would be to just give in.  I understand, that most parents don’t set out to ruin or spoil their child.  It happens one small decision at a time.  It’s such a delicate balance between being consistent and firm, but also realizing that they are still little and sometimes what they really need is a little extra love and attention.  I thought it would be easier to discern the two.

I guess we are both feeling some growing pains!

Thursday January 3, 2008

We waited until the 28th to celebrate his birthday.  Somehow we managed to squeeze twenty adults and children into our dinning room for dinner.  He was totally oblivious to the fact that all of those people where there to celebrate his birthday.  He was just happy to have the house full of people and excitement.

The cake looked great… but it didn’t taste very good.  I made it from scratch.  The party guests were kind and complemented me, but then I had a piece and realized it tasted like almond flavored toast!

After dinner he was ready to dive into the colorful presents that waited on the floor for him.

He wasn’t the only one excited about the presents.  It’s hard on a kid to watch someone else open all the presents!

After gifts he blew out his candle as we sang him Happy Birthday

He approached his cake cautiously at first.  He must of thought that having a piece of cake all to himself was to good to be true.

Soon fingers gave way to an entire fist full of cake.

Our lives have been blessed by his bright eyes and beaming smile.


Wednesday January 2, 2008

Christmas was busy, fun, messy, and busy!  Just thought I’d post a few pictures from our various Christmas celebrations.  We had Christmas dinner with his parents on Christmas Eve, our own little Christmas on Christmas morning and then dinner with my family that night.  Big Brother thought that going to everyone’s house and opening presents was a great idea, he wanted to know who’s house we were going to next!


Christmas at the inlaw’s

The fishing game from Aunt Jess was a big hit with the whole family!

All the cousins in their new p.j.s

Christmas at our house

Opening presents in their camo. p.j.s

My first attempt at making crepes.  I really like the recipe I used for the crepes, but the orange sauce was a bit too thick and much too sweet.  I was hoping crepes would become a Christmas tradition but the boys where not impressed, they kept asking for pancakes.

Christmas with my family

I don’t know if you can see the expression on his face under that helmet,
but it is the look of utter bliss !
Baby Boy didn’t really catch on to the whole “opening presents” concept.  His older brother… did!

Waiting patiently to open their stockings!