Monthly Archives: February 2008

Tuesday February 26, 2008

Tonight, as I was getting ready for dinner, he was sitting up at the counter surveying the snacks I had bought at Wal-Mart today.  He was particularly excited about the two big boxes of Runts and Hot Tamales I had bought to bring to Tahoe.

As he is shaking them in his hands he said (I kid you not), “Momma, me’s like the Big Rumps and the Hot Mollies!  Are we’s going to take them’s to Hahoe?”

We all had a good laugh, but I was thinking, I don’t think we would be so jovial, if in 16 years from now he is asking to bring “Big Rumps”, and “Hot Mollies”, with us to Tahoe!

Saturday February 23, 2008

The morning got off to a rough start.

You know the old saying, “If momma ain’t happy,…”

Anyway, five hours can make a big difference.

It’s Saturday afternoon and the house is clean, the boys are still sleeping, pasta and homemade sour dough bread for dinner, and…

…they are coming home this afternoon!  Almost three weeks in Africa, and in the mind of a two-year-old; Africa might as well be Mars, and three weeks is almost forever!  He is excited to see them.

Last Saturday I snapped a few pictures of him washing the cars with his dad.

Our weeks have been very busy, but we head to Tahoe at the end of next week.  Hopefully we can enjoy a much needed rest.  However, with four children under the age of three, all in one condo; I doubt relaxation will be an option.

Thursday February 14, 2008

I don’t think we could have packed one more ounce of fun into today (is fun measured in ounces or is it metric?).

It was a Valentine’s Day party in the park, hosted by Grammy.  All of the cousins were there.  Picnic lunch, cupcakes, craft project, face painting, and candy… Grammy thought of everything!

When we got home I carried their limp sleeping bodies into the house. I placed them in their beds; they both had slightly smeared face paint on their cheeks, wood chips in their shoes, and chocolate frosting in the corners of their mouth.

Thanks Grammy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday February 13, 2008

Lizzy came to eat lunch with us today.

As they were eating their chicken nuggets, he was explaining to her that we have a dog.

“But we don’t have buffalos.” he said, shaking his head.

In case anyone was wondering; we have one dog and zero buffalo.

Tuesday February 5, 2008

Today he woke up from nap while I was trying to finish the last of my ironing.  I was also trying to watch the last few minutes of Pride and Prejudice, so he flopped down on the couch and started watching.

It was really amusing to watch him try to make sense of a movie that was completely out of his frame of reference.  As Darcy walked across the field towards Elizabeth he says,

“Him’s going to see his mommy.”


He nodded his head and thought about that for a few seconds.  Then with a slight frown on his face he says,

“Mommy?  Who’s playing the piano?”

After years of watching movies I have come to accept certain absurdities as normal occurrences.   Of course there is dramatic piano music playing as a man strides across a field… why wouldn’t there be?

But he wanted to know where the piano was, who was playing it, and why they were playing it in a field?  All perfectly reasonable questions, and I really didn’t have any reasonable answers.  So I said what I find myself saying a lot these days,

“I don’t know.”

Saturday February 2, 2008

Life has once again returned to “normal”.  But for one day and one night we enjoyed being newlyweds again.

We left Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel, got dinner, and then did a little shopping. 

We had tickets for the Josh Turner/ George Strait concert.  I like George Strait but we mostly went to see Josh Turner.  Despite the fact, that the woman who sat next to me had a stomach that spilled into my cup holder, I had a fun night.  I can’t recall the last time I saw that many cowboy hats in one place!  Watching the teenagers in front of me made me realize how old I’ve become.  It was a three (almost four) hour concert, and they didn’t sit down once.   They  were on their feet dancing and screaming the whole time.  My entire body tensed up several times as I watched them lean way over the rail, in order to shout and wave at people below them.  I’m such a mom!

The next morning we had coffee and cookies, and then walked to the Capitol Building, and then to Old town Sacramento.  Our last stop was Ikea for lunch and a few purchases. 

When he turned the car towards home I was ready to see my guys.  They had such a good time at Grandma and Grandpa’s they hardly seemed to miss us!

The hotel we stayed at

We took some pictures on the grounds of the Capitol Building


I saw this sign on the side of a truck

One of the happy faces we came home to