Monthly Archives: March 2008

Sunday March 30, 2008

It’s been a fun week.  I’ve been able to squeeze some fun little projects in between the “must-do” items.


This was my Buy-rite bargain of the week.  Only $8.99.  With a little sanding and a coat of paint it looks good as new.  I was thinking that if I wanted to engage in some sort of criminal activity, now would be a good time.  I think I sanded off %90 of my finger prints trying to sand that little chair.

Thanks to my brother (who we borrowed the tiller from) and my husband who muscled it through the dirt, my little garden patch is ready for planting.  I went to Orchard Supply Hardware and pick out the seeds and hopefully I can work on getting them planted in the next  few weeks.

Last but not least I tried a new recipe.  For my Birthday my husband got me an enamel dutch oven.  I had been wanting one for a while but they can be a bit expensive, so I usually just admired them from a distance. Since I now have my very own I am anxious to put it to good use.  I made beef stew and it turned out pretty good!  The broth had good flavor and the beef was very tender.  The recipe was called Tyler’s Ultimate Beef Stew, and I got it off of  I only made a few changes.  I had to add a little more flour to the stew to thicken it up a bit more, and I added a small can of V8 juice to help balance the red wine flavor.  Also, the recipe suggested putting the potatoes, carrots, and onions in only 35 min. before serving, but I put them in about 50 min. before serving.  There’s nothing worse than crunchy vegetables in a soup!

Thursday March 27, 2008

Pardon me for a moment while I indulge in a very egocentric post.  But, at the ripe old age of 30 I have  come to a revelation about myself that I feel I must share…

I am a hopelessly old-fashioned girly-girl!

I’m sure those of you who know me well or even just a little, are wonder why it took me so long to figure out something so obvious.  The answer is; denial.  I have never wanted to admit that I am and old-fashioned girly-girl because I always felt that being one meant you were also fussy, delicate, and somewhat useless.  But I see now that those thoughts were just my own misguided prejudices.

I also realized that there might be other misguided old-fashioned girly-girls who were also in denial.  So I created this short list of questions to help other women determine whether they too are old-fashioned girly-girls.

1.  Do you like roses, sweet peas, iris, and daffodils?

2.  Do you one day aspire to have an herb garden?

3.  Do you own a collection of antique embroidered handkerchiefs, and are they tucked away in a drawer with a scented sache?  (By the way, if you answered yes to this question; don’t bother to take the rest of the quiz… it’s a done deal).

4.  Do you dream of sitting on a green lawn in a long white dress, eating little sandwiches under a white parasol?

5.  Do you like pastel colors, ringlets, and pearls?

6.  Have you read more than two Jane Austin novels?

7.  Have you ever baked a scone?

8.  Do you own a tea cup?

9.  Do you think being on time is important, manners are essential, and that being high-maintenance is bad; not sexy.

If you answered yes to five or more of these questions; repeat after me, “I am an old-fashioned girly-girl and I’m not ashamed to admit it!”

Thursday March 27, 2008

I always manage to make my Birthday celebration stretch out for almost a week. He had Monday off so he took us to Daffodil Hill.  I’ve wanted to go for years but it just never seemed to work out.  We packed some food and sunscreen and headed to the foothills.

The weather was so nice! There was a young couple having a picnic on the grass.  They were sitting quietly, eating carefully prepared food out of a darling little basket, and sipping sparkling wine out of glasses.  Our experience was a bit different.  We all drank out of the same water bottle and ate granola bars, pretzels, and dried fruit out of a grocery bag!  I could tell they were jealous.

Monday March 24, 2008

All morning at church he would say, “Happy Easter Egg!” instead of just “Happy Easter”.

In their Easter outfits!

They were ready to go

The egg hunt left him a little tuckered out

                The beginning of the day                           The end of the day

Happy Easter!

Saturday March 22, 2008

Today was the perfect day!

Waffles with my guys

I wore a new “springy” outfit

A surprise Birthday lunch with all of the girls at Harvest Moon

Lots of beautiful presents

A pedicure (my toes are lavender and my legs are really soft)

And, I didn’t have to make dinner!

Thirty is looking pretty good!

I have really terrific sister-in-laws!


Friday March 21, 2008

I think he’s a really great kid.  I realize that coming from me that statement can’t be taken too seriously.

For him, the world is a wonderful amazing place and each day is greeted with unbridled anticipation.  He is energetic, passionate, and vibrant.  He gets so excited that his entire body will actually shake.  He does nothing half way.  He smiles big, runs everywhere, laughs loudly, watches intently, and gets really, really dirty.  I love watching him run down the lane, arms and legs going as fast as he can make them.  Or stomping around in the backyard, cowboy hat on, stick in hand; hunting for lizards he will never find.

All personalities come with a down side or weaknesses.  He is no exception.  All of these qualities also have the potential for trouble.  Excitement becomes impulsive or reckless.  Passion turns into stubbornness and anger.  Unfortunately we have been seeing a lot of these tendencies lately.  The days have been long and tiring.  Lots of stern words, disciplining, tears, time-outs, hugs and kisses.

It was good to get the phone call today and hear the words, “I know it’s tough but you’re doing a good job.” and “Hang in there, he’s a good boy.”.  It was exactly what I needed to hear and it lifted my spirits. 

Parenthood comes with a lot of joy; it also comes with a lot of doubt, anxiety, and wiriness.  Which is why I’m so glad I’m not doing it alone.

Wednesday March 12, 2008

We have been enjoying the extra daylight at the end of each day.  Playing out back, taking walks on the canal bank as the sun dips behind the hills.

On a completely unrelated topic… I like food.  In fact to say that I like food would not do justice to the way I feel about it.  I like looking at pictures of food, reading new recipes, watching TV shows about food.  Most of all I like to EAT food.  Drinking one’s lunch out of a can, and going to bed every night listening to one’s tummy make noises… is pretty lame.  I wish I could be fat and happy and persue my food passion to my hearts content, but I’m pretty sure I could only manage one out of two; and isn’t “happy”.

Saturday March 8, 2008

We are back and are settling into the flow of everyday life. 

Because life with children is always exciting, unpredictable, and educational, our vacation was not dull.  So here’s what we learned:

Big Brother learned that…

    Snow is in fact; wet and cold.  It is not warm fluffy stuff that you prance around in.

    Sledding is more fun in theory than in practice.

    Swimming in the indoor heated pool was much more fun than say;                                 tromping around in cold snow.

Baby Boy learned…

    That girls don’t like it when you push them over and sit on them.  Unfortunately for     the little girl that knowledge did not alter any future behavior.

I Learned that…

    I did not inherit the snowman-building  gene.

     Some Robert Redford movies are highly over-rated.

    And as we where traveling back down the mountains I learned that, “I’m pretty sad     Mommy.”, is code for, “I’m going to throw up in about 34 seconds.”.

Playing in the snow

The Train Museum in Carson City

Dashing through the snow

The unfortunate family who had to put up with us all week! Don’t they look nice!

Having fun at the condo.