Monthly Archives: August 2008

Saturday August 23, 2008

We went to Mr. T’s for doughnuts this morning (our monthly treat).

Several times now we have sat next to a group of older men who seem to be regulars at Mr. T’s.  They sit around a small table with their plaid button-up shirts and neatly combed white hair.  As they slowly enjoy their coffee and doughnuts, they read each other articles from the paper, or a paragraph from a book they brought along.

Most of their conversations start like this; “Do you remember Linda’s nephew?  The one who was in the Navy?  I ran into him the other day and he said…”

They always stop and say hello to the boys; ask them if they are enjoying their doughnut holes.  Today as the boys and I walked past them, one of the men said to the other, “Do you remember when our’s were that little?  We didn’t know how lucky we were back then.”  They all nodded and smiled as they watched the boys climb onto their chairs.

Is this our fate?  To not really understand the value of a moment until it is long gone? Are time and distance the only way we gain perspective and appreciation? Are the good memories the only ones that last?  I don’t know.  But I do know, that in that moment, as I watched them look longingly at my sons’ chocolate covered grins, I understood that I was looking at a very precious moment.

So maybe being an old man when I grow up isn’t a reasonable goal.  But I do hope that someday there is room at a small table in a doughnut shop, for a sentimental old woman.

Tuesday August 19, 2008

Good news!

Jury duty turned out the be much better than I thought.

I had good company (thanks Renee).

I was released by lunch time.  I never even walked into a courtroom but they told me I had fulfilled my civic duty.  Nice!  I was not looking forward to explaining to a judge my reason for wanting to be released from jury duty.

Lastly, I finished the morning off with a nice lunch at Vitos, and came home just in time to put the boys down for a nap.

Wednesday August 13, 2008

Why do fathers think that “getting wet” is pretty much the same as, “taking a bath”? I ask this because I think my husband is a really reasonable guy who is normally very concerned with hygiene and sanitation, but sometimes his thinking baffles me a bit.

Last night the guys went out in the backyard to play for a while.  When I heard the slider door open; I looked up from the paper and saw two wet, naked boys standing in my kitchen.  “Hey guys.  What’s going on?”,I asked.  Daddy explained that the boys had been helping him fix the sprinklers and had gotten a bit wet.

“That’s o.k” I said, “they needed to take a bath tonight anyway.”

“Hon, they got pretty wet out there.  Do they really need a bath?”

I looked at the boys.  They were indeed wet.  Clean… not so much so.  I could see blades of grass and flecks of dirt all up and down their legs.

Needless to say; they got a bath last night.  As unnecessary as Dad thought it was!

Tuesday August 12, 2008

Encouraging and positive seems to be his motto these days.

“You’re a REALLY nice girl mommy.”

“Thanks for cooking a fantastic dinner mommy.”

“Mom, you’re a really good eater.” Just what every woman wants to hear!

Lately when I tell him something (like “no you can’t have gum before breakfast”) he asks, “Did God say that?”  No, I said that!

On a completely unrelated topic, I have to renew my drivers license this week and next week I might have jury duty.  Lucky me.