Monthly Archives: January 2009

Friday January 30, 2009

There is so much to catch up on I hardly know were to start.

So,  here’s the news


1.  I have a new computer.  I’m officially a Mac person.

2.  We are purchasing bunk beds this weekend for the boys, which means I will be able to set up the baby’s nursery soon.

3.  I made myself a diaper bag and it actually turned out well (I’ll post a picture later).

4. My belly is now so large that it very conveniently diverts attention from my ever expanding rear.


1.  Every maternity shirt I own has stains right on the belly.

2.  My youngest son is showing no signs of being interested in potty training.  Which means we will soon need to take out a small loan to pay for our monthly diaper bill.

3.  My nose is getting bigger. No, I’m not just imagining it.

1.  I went to town the other day with cookie crumbs on my belly.

We celebrated a Birthday.  He’s two now and living up to all the toddler hype.  The day of his birthday I decorated the dinning room with streamers, snowmen, and party favors.  I told my husband to have the camera ready because I wanted to record his reaction when he saw the decorations.  I was anticipating elated bliss.  This is what actually happened.

We enjoyed our annual trip to Pajaro Dunes with my husband’s family.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  The wind was calm, the sun was shinning, and the temperature was a lovely 70 degrees during the day.  The boys striped down and ran head-long into the waves.

We ended everyday with clean babies and bedtime stories.

On Saturday we went to Roaring Camp Railroad and took a train ride through the redwoods. 

We spent the last day squeezing every minute we could spare on the beach before we had to pack up and head home.  Big brother was a little confused when we started packing up on Sunday.  Evidently he was under the impression that this was our new home and that we would all be living together at the beach house; eating lots of food and playing on the beach for the rest of our lives. 

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for another fun trip!

Sunday January 11, 2009

Things have been moving too fast.

The past month has seemed like one happy blur.

I need to catch up on my posting and pictures.

I need to get ready for the baby. Only 10 weeks until she arrives (hopefully).

Too many sewing projects planned.

Two-year-old check-up and pictures to schedule.

Freezer to clean, dressers to reorganize, closets in need of a good cleaning…

I just need to take a deep breath and do one thing at a time!

Happy New Year by the way!