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Sunday September 27, 2009

Sunday dinners~ back when we were still dating, I always loved when he would call on Saturday night and say “Mom says to come over for dinner after church.”

 I loved going to Mary’s house for dinner on Sunday.  I must confess, I often spent more time trying to guess what she had made for dinner than I did listening to the sermon.  It really didn’t matter what it was because it was always good.  The smell would hit your nose the second you walked in the door.  Meat and gravy slow cooking in the oven, sweet tea brewing on the stove, and the table already set with an extra chair for me.  There was always plenty for seconds.  I would leave the table feeling warm and full, and then spend the rest of the afternoon lounging in the living room, taking turns reading the Sunday paper.

It occurred to me that my own children probably had very different Sunday memories~ like leaving church and deciding what fast food we were going to get.  Or coming home and clearing the cereal bowls off the table so we could eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I decided it was time to start changing that.

I got up early and made an enchilada casserole.  I put it in the oven and asked my husband to set the time bake so it would be done at 12:15.  We got in the car after church and the boys immediately wanted to know where we were going for lunch.  “Home!” I said.  Jude said he wanted peanut butter and jelly for lunch and Gideon started to cry when I told him we were having enchiladas.  So far things where not going the way I had envisioned.  I was starting to think I should have spared myself the trouble of making dinner and slept in.

When we walked in the door the only smell that hit my nose was the smell of burning food.  I tossed the arm-load of church bags on the couch and ran toward to oven.  I opened the door fearing the worst… but the enchiladas where beautifully browned and bubbly.  My extra work was rewarded with pleases and thank-yous and requests for seconds and even third helpings!  Maybe we’ll try to make a habit out of Sunday dinners

They were very excited to meet little Regan Rose!

My calendar and thermometer don’t seem to be agreeing with each other.  The calendar says it’s the end of September but the thermometer seems to think it’s the middle of July.  I’m ready for crisp, cool weather and fall colors.

Uncle Rex let each of the boys pick out their own giant pumpkin to take home.  For the better part of a day I drove around town with over 150 lbs. worth of pumpkin in my van.  They look bright and cheerful on my front porch and they are a nice reminder that summer is indeed coming to and end.

This is the view from my kitchen sink~ what I look at while I wash dishes.  A sweet reminder of how much I am loved.

It amazes me and humbles me when I consider all of the times I have fallen short, let them down, lost my patience and yet they still want to pick me flowers.  I’m leaning a lot from my children.


Friday September 25, 2009

I love lazy Friday mornings.

I love having babies piled in my bed.

I like how sweet and musty they smell in the morning.

I love their fingers and toes

Daddy came home yesterday from an 8 day business trip, so our lives feel whole again.  It is amazing to me the difference attitude and perspective make.  Some days I feel like I can’t make it through to the end of the day,  and yet God gave me all the strength I needed to be mommy and daddy for a week.

We had friends over on Wednesday! 

He is proudly showing me his letters.  If you can’t tell it says “Grandpa”.   Life with little ones is all about the little milestones and celebrations.  Jude has taught me that children will progress, on their own, when they are ready.

I was busy getting snack ready to take to Awanas and Eliza was patiently waiting for me to finish feeding her, so big brother stepped in and helped out.

She turned six months old on the same day her little cousin was born.

Tonight I get to dress up and go have dinner with my handsome date!

Saturday September 19, 2009

It’s not really gardening.

When I think about gardening I envision mowing a patch of green grass, trimming some hedges, and pulling small weeds out of the flower beds.

Yard work at my house is more like; “extreme gardening”.  The weeds are as tall as I am and the lawn is a half an acre of weeds, mole hills, and pot holes.

I went to check the mail but I couldn’t find the mailbox for all of the tumble weeds and over-grown sunflowers.  I decided I should probably do something about that, so I went out this morning to tame and conquer!

We’ve only been country folk for a little while so farm equipment is a bit thin on the ground around here.

But we make do…

This is my version of a tractor/trailer set up.  It’s a tarp that I pile with weeds and drag to the back side of the property.

This is kind of silly.

Something I should have out-grown by now…

…but as I’m working I imagine that I’m like the frontier women of the old west.  Battling the elements and wilderness to carve out a home from 40 acres of untamed land.  Okay so it’s really just 3 acres on the outskirts of town, and I’m usually in my ball cap, with my cell phone in my back pocket and a camera slung on my hip… but it helps pass the time.  Am I the only one who does that?

She’s a good little companion.  Content to sit in the wagon with her sunhat and sunscreen on; watching me work and trying to grab Riley’s tail as he walks by.

They don’t realize it but their days of sitting on the porch while I work are numbered.

After I mowed the 2 foot tall weeds that is our front yard; I was looking forward to drinking the water bottle I had put in the frig earlier that morning.  That’s when I saw my oldest son standing on the porch calling my name and trying to show me something he had in his hands.  As I got closer I discovered that he had picked me some flowers (weeds).  He went into the kitchen and got my water bottle out and used it as a vase for the flowers (weeds) he had picked for me.  It’s at moments like that you realize the importance of being gracious.  He obviously wanted to do something nice for me… but I really wanted that bottle of water.  I patted him on the head and thanked him; then went inside and drank a nice big glass of lukewarm tap water.

(my camera was on the wrong setting so I didn’t get a good picture of him)

 Filthy hardly describes what we look like after a day of yard work, and pictures really don’t capture the extent of our filthiness.


A bath was in order.

Now for a nice long shower and a comfy chair to sit in!

Thursday September 17, 2009

He keeps growing-up on me.

Really I wouldn’t want it to be any other way, but some times I just want to hold him tight and slow him down a little.

All of last years clothes are two inches too short.

He is stopping and taking the time to figure things out.  Matching numbers, recognizing letters,  getting lost in his imaginary world.

He spent the better part of an hour coloring with his tongue tucked in the corner of his mouth.  He likes the little details.  He loves to be praised, and he thrives on undivided attention.

Each morning he insists on making his own toast.  The stool is pushed up to the counter.  He bustles around the kitchen getting everything he will need~ knife, butter, bread, jam, plate.  Carefully and slowly he spreads the butter and jam being sure to lick the knife in between applications :)

Lately when he comes running into the room saying “MOM!  Come and see Eliza!” I’ve learned that it is prudent to immediately stop what I am doing and come see.  That statement is code for “Come see what experiment I have conducted on my little sister!”  She is usually covered in stuffed animals, or in an entirely different location than I left her in, or she has something strange on her head.

This morning we abandoned productivity completely and spend hours making and playing with play dough… and making a huge mess of the kitchen.

We all stayed in our p.j.s, ate bananas, toast and jam, and made all kinds of things out of salty dough.  Can I just say~ I think that warm toast with butter and jam has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Even Eliza got in on the action.

He made birds (with a little help from me) and bird nests with eggs, and now he wants to keep them “forever”.  He said (and I quote) “…it would just break my heart if I can’t keep them forever!”

 How tragic :)



1 c. flour
1 c. water
1/2 c. salt
2 t. cream of tartar
2T. of oil
food coloring

1. Mix all ingredients in pot.
2. Cook over low heat until it forms a ball.
3. Cool
4. Kneed

Store in a zip-lock bag.

Now I must go and play catch-up from a morning of leisurely play. 

Wednesday September 16, 2009

So many babies being born these days!  Lots of baby showers and hospital visits, it’s so fun but sometimes it can be difficult to keep coming up with unique and affordable gifts.  Here is a fun little project that I have made as gifts for my expecting friends and family members.

If you are interested in making some for your little one, here is a list of supplies you will need:

~ A package of onesies.  Any kind will do; long-sleeved, colored, striped… be creative!  I just used a package of 5 white Gerber onesies (they were about $8.00).

~ 3 or 4 scrap pieces of coordinating fabric.  You need very little material to make these, it’s a good way to use up scrap material from other projects.

~ Several different kinds of trim (optional)

~Light weight HeatnBond, sold by the yard, at any craft and fabric store.  Again, you don’t need very much.

~ An iron.  Make sure there is no water in your iron and set the heat setting on “wool”.

~ Coordinating sewing thread and a sewing machine.  The sewing machine can be optional.  I use it to zig-zag around the edges of the cut-outs but you could use embroidery thread and do a “button-hole” stitch around the edge.

Step one:
First draw your pattern out onto a plain piece of paper.  Hearts, birds, apples, pears, stars, a sail boat…
Just remember to keep your shapes simple otherwise you won’t be able to sew around them.  If you’re not comfortable with making your own patterns you can find stencils at the craft store, or you can ask one of your “artsy” friends to draw up some patterns for you.  Keep in mind that this is a child’s onesie; it’s supposed to look a little funky…it adds to the charm

Step two:
Cut out a square of the HeatnBond and iron it onto the WRONG side of your material

Step three:
Trace your shape with a pencil onto the paper and cut it out.

Step four:
Remove the paper from the back of the shape.  It should just peel off easily.  If it doesn’t that means the adhesive hasn’t melted completely.  Stop peeling and iron it a little more until it comes of easily.

Step five:
Place your cut-out exactly were you want it to be on the onesie and then iron it until it sticks to the fabric.  It should just take a few seconds.

If you are not comfortable drawing patterns like birds or pears, you can simply cut out rectangle and square shapes and finish the edges with trim.

Step six:
Finally, take your sewing machine and set the stitch dial to zig-zag.  This is the most difficult part of the project.  The onesies are small and you have to navigate the presser foot around the shape.  Just be patient and go slow.

So maybe this all sounds like too much work. You can dress up some plain onesies by simply gluing some cute appliques under the neck of the onesie.  Just be sure to use washable, fabric glue.

Once you’ve mastered this there are a million different ways you can dress up your child’s clothing.  A flower on the bottom of a plain jean skirt, stars or a truck on a t-shirt, a monogram letter on a hooded sweat-shirt…  you can have really unique clothes for pennies on the dollar.

Oh, I almost forgot!  This is for you Trisha…

The teddy version of my dolly pattern.