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Sunday November 22, 2009

Sunday afternoons have become my time to post.  Not because there isn’t plenty of work to be doing, but it is the one time of the week I’m willing to let myself play before I work!  So for now I will ignore the “getting ready for church wreckage” and enjoy a little down time.

I love being a stay at home mom, but sometimes I just need a day to away from the world of children.  A day away from the world of diapers, cleaning up spills, repeating myself, refereeing, making meals with boys under my feet and a baby in my arms…

Fortunately I have a husband who understands this, so while he spent a day with the boys; my mom, Eliza and I headed to Sutter Creek for a day to ourselves. 

It couldn’t have been a more lovely day.  Fall colors, cool crisp weather, Christmas music playing as we strolled down the street, and best of all… tea for lunch!

It was her first tea party.  The girls who worked at the tea house had a lot of fun bringing out different accessories and trying them on her.  Eliza didn’t mind the attention.

We borrowed some hats for an after tea picture. 

She will be 8-months-old this week…

… and she is just mobile enough to get herself into some real sticky spots.

She was playing in her room and I was folding clothes in the living room.  I heard her fussing and yelling so I can down the hall and found her all the way under her dresser.  She got even more upset when I rushed to get my camera instead of rushing to rescue her

Her infant bath tub had become pathetically small, so I  started bathing her with the boys.  She likes that! 

Saturday while we were in Sutter Creek, everyone kept calling her a princess (partly because of the pink, frilly skirt) but she’s really just a big goof ball.  She wrestles with the boys, makes goofy noises and silly faces just to get her brothers’ to laugh, and is happiest when she’s right in the thick of things.

Last Friday night we had a campfire out back with all the Rodgers.  Schedules have been so busy but we managed to all be in the same place at the same time!

Eliza was excited about wearing her new hat!

We huddled near the fire and roasted marshmallows and sang silly songs about bear hunts, and man-eating pets.  Sailor Janie gave us a small performance.  She sang the books of the Bible and recited the 7 days of creation.  I’m 32 and I don’t think I can recite the 7 days of creation!  The next morning I had to laugh when I found a half dozen, half eaten marshmallows put back in the bag.

One last random picture…

… no job is too big when I have my helpers!

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving week.  More time with my husband and lots of good food I didn’t have to make!

Saturday November 7, 2009

I was busy cleaning house.  Little by little, Gideon had been gathering items and setting them up on the train table.  When it was all set up he stepped back and said…

…”Mommy!  I having a tEa Pa-ty!  All my f-ends be here sOOn!”

Photographically speaking this isn’t a good picture.  The lighting is all off.
But I love it.  The look on his face says everything.

Gideon is a quiet little guy but there’s a lot going on inside of him.  Lately I’ve been struggling to understand him; to help him navigate through this new stage in life.  He’s trying to find his place, were he fits into everything and he doesn’t always have the tools he needs to do that.  Jude is so different; he commands attention.  Gideon can get a little lost in the shuffle and I need to make sure that doesn’t happen.  He’s such and amazing boy, so strong and determined, so full of joy.

He has been helping me empty the dishwasher lately

Friday morning I stole some time and worked on a little project for the boys’ room.  I bought this sweet little quilt for two dollars at a garage sale and decided to cut it up and make pillows.

My ever present helper.

I liked the bright colors and random sized blocks, and they only cost me $4.00 to make.

Now I just have to decide what to do with the rest of the quilt.  I thought about making some funky owl shaped pillows or maybe Christmas stockings? 

Of course “stealing time” always comes at a cost.  The house took a big hit and the children were on auto pilot the whole morning.

Jude spent the morning being an artist.

Gideon was an architect.

Eliza was doing her best fire truck impression ~ wailing and spraying lots of fluids.

Besides making the pillows, I almost finished one quilt top for the boys beds.  That’s a hard sentence to type because I really dislike not finishing something I started, but small children and finished sewing projects don’t really go together.  Maybe I can steal some more time soon.

The last of the summer cosmos are sitting on my kitchen table.  A gift from my Mom.  Just one gift out of the many she has given me this week.  Help when I needed it, encouragement when I was frustrated, dinner invitations, and had lots of love and patience to give to my children when I had very little left.

Wednesday November 4, 2009

~ The couch cushions were in the boys’ bedroom.

~ The dumps trucks were parked where the couch cushions should be.

~ A full glass of water sat in the middle of the kitchen floor (this I found with my foot).

~ My bed was somewhere under a weeks worth of clean, unfolded laundry.

~ The hamster was in the porta-crib.

That pretty much sums up my entire Monday.

Everything was displaced and scattered, including my own thoughts. . . things to accomplish, dates to schedule, wish lists, holidays, my own parenting skills (or the lack thereof), questions I wanted answered, realities I didn’t want to face, etc, etc.

A sick, snotty, slobbery little girl

A flesh-eating, tantrum-throwing toddler

And a very, VERY, inquisitive 4-year-old…

…proved to be more that this mere mortal could endure. 

The day ended on a happy note.

This is Charlie.  Charlie is a girl. We didn’t know that when we named her Charlie but the name has already stuck.  Aunt Karen called and asked us if we would like a puppy.  One had wandered onto her property and needed a home.  We went out to meet her and it was love at first sight for the boys.

This morning they piled out of bed and headed straight for the porch.  It was cold and they were still in there p.j.s and they hadn’t even had breakfast.

Riley wasn’t sure what to think of Charlie at first, but I have a strong feeling they’re going to be good friends.

She does not want to be bothered with this whole “crawling” thing.  She turns, pivots, stretches, and pulls up, but she will not crawl!

It is late.  Tomorrow is a very busy day.  Good night.