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Sunday December 27, 2009

It was 3 years ago today.  Almost to the minute.  On a night that was much like tonight; cold and rainy.

Really it’s no wonder he is his momma’s boy.  In the hours after he was born and we had gotten settled into our postpartum room, the night nurse (who only came up to Justin’s arm pits) firmly said, “Daddy you go home!  Get some sleep.  Mommy and baby are fine.”  Of course he had no intention of listening to her until I assured him that we were just fine, and that a bed would be much more comfortable than a hospital chair.

So it was just the two of us.  Snuggled together in the quietness of our room, watching to rain beat against the windows.  Just the two of us, taking each other in.  He has been my side-kick every since.

Our first meeting

Just days old.

There is no one like Gideon.

He marches to his own beat.

He his stubborn and tender-hearted.  He sings loud, loves ice cream, wearing things on his head, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for this little guy!

Just some Gideon favorites…


Happy Birthday Gid!

Friday December 25, 2009

The only Christmas tradition that I have faithfully observed, since the year we were married, is our Christmas family album.  The very first year we were married I bought a small red photo album.  Every December we take our family picture and put it in the album with a brief year-end summary written on the back.  The following are all our family pictures, minus the first two, which were not taken with a digital camera.

Christmas 2002~ “the year of the mullet”

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2004~ 4 months pregnant with Jude

Christmas 2005~ Jude is 7 months old

Christmas 2006~ I am 8 months pregnant with Gideon and Jude is 19 months old

Christmas 2007~ Jude 2 & Gideon 11 months

Christmas 2008~ I am 6 months pregnant with Eliza, Jude is 3, and Gideon 2

Christmas 2009~ Jude 4, Gideon 3, Eliza 9 months


Friday December 11, 2009

We made Christmas cookies tonight.

With all the trimmings and trappings.

Now that you’ve seen the pictures let me tell you the story entitled;

“Pictures I should have taken while making Christmas cookies; but didn’t”

~There should have been a picture of the look on my face when the boys attacked my beautifully rolled cookie dough with their cookie cutters.

~Or a picture of the soft ball sized piece of dough Gideon managed to shove in his mouth before I could blink, let alone move.

~A picture of the frosting and sprinkles that covered the entire table top and kitchen floor.

~ One of the time I barely stopped Gideon from dumping an entire jar of sprinkles into his wide open mouth.

~ A picture of the big green spot on my back, where Jude decided to use my sweater to wipe the frosting off his face.

Sometimes pictures just don’t tell the whole story. 

But sometimes they do…

He was feeling a little lost one morning without his usual playmate. 
Gideon had spent the morning with Grammy and Grandpa.
Charlie filled in!

I looked out the window and saw them playing in the dirt together.
He wanted my to take a picture of his “dirt angel”.

Boys and puppies!

Oh! It also snowed at our house!  Sort of.  There were mostly just snow flakes floating in the air.

There was more white on the ground the following morning when all that rain water froze.  Jude had to go out and explore.

The evening has ended so quietly.

I can hear them gently breathing as I go into their rooms to check on them one last time.

Charlie is laying belly up under my feet.

The candles are flickering out.

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” ~ John 1:4-5


Sunday December 6, 2009

In the morning when we wake up the house is surrounded by white; white fog, white frost.  Lately I’ve been making the evening “blanket check” rounds before I turn out my own light.  Their blankets are never where they should be ~ on the floor, pushed to the end of the bed, or wrapped around their heads exposing their little feet. 

It is winter ~ even better it is Christmas time!

Some people mark the start of the holiday season by braving Black Friday, or breaking out the Christmas CD collection, or going to Keller’s for new Christmas decorations. 

At our house it’s glitter, construction paper and glue!


I found little white Christmas trees in the dollar section at Target, so I bought one for each of the children’s rooms.  They sit on their dressers looking so cheery with glittering stars and paper chains (I love paper chains!).

I really like this picture.  I really like him.  I like that he buys Christmas trees for us even though he thinks it’s silly.  I like that he sings hymns at the top of his lungs all through the house.  He makes us feel safe, and loved.

They were beyond excited.  They had so much excitement built up in them it came out their finger tips and toes!

Very serious about being the keeper of the tree topper.

Her first encounter with a Christmas tree.

Saturday was a day of baking and bathing babies.  Neither of which I can do without making a huge mess.

The lighting at my kitchen sink is almost always perfect.  I couldn’t help but get the camera out and snap some photos of her curly head!

It’s hard to lose a good dog.

It’s even harder to tell your sons that their dog won’t be coming home again.

To explain why we buried him under the ground.

To assure them that Riley is not sad, or lonely, or hurting… he’s dead, like sleeping~ only it’s forever.

It was hard to hear the lonely howls of our new puppy Charlie, all through the night.

Every time I turn onto our lane I expect to see him round the back of the house, wagging his tail and pushing his nose into my hand.

Daily I have been reminding myself to enjoy Christmas, to make it fun for them.  Not to let my own silly lists get in the way of building really special memories for them.