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Sunday January 17, 2010

So, I unknowingly uploaded a handful of pictures without resizing them. 

Which is a bummer because I used up all of my uploading storage for the month of January, with lots of fun pictures waiting to be uploaded and two weeks left in the month.  I could upgrade to premium and fix that problem, but I might not… I haven’t decided yet.

Anyway, I might not be posting much in the remaining days of January, but we are all still here!

Enjoy this wonderful rainy Sunday!

Thursday January 7, 2010

… really, really cold!  I think that is what we will all remember about Gideon’s 3rd Birthday.  The weather had been so mild this winter, we thought that a lunch in the park and a trip to Micke’s Grove Zoo would be a fun Birthday outing.  The cold almost shut the whole party down.

The kids played on the play ground while I set up lunch.  We had a small picnic lunch with cupcakes and presents to follow.

Grandpa made it his personal misson to make sure Eliza stayed bundled and warm.

Gideon insisting that Molly try the cheese puff!

Beautiful girls!

I love this picture.  It cracks me up… the look on my Mom’s face!  This was a poll that spins.  You start with your arms extended and then as you pull in it goes faster and faster.

Gideon’s tea set from Uncle Jared and Aunt Jess.  He’s really into tea sets right now   I bought him one but it didn’t come with a creamer and sugar, but this one has everything!

By the time we opened presents most of us had lost feeling in our fingers and toes.  The Birthday boy was shivering and whimpering.  We almost turned back but decided to go ahead and brave the zoo.  For some reason it was warmer inside the zoo and all the kids perked up had a great time.

Looking adorable all snuggled up and surrounded by pink.

I was about to fix her hat but decided to take a picture instead.

He did a lot of this… pointing and saying “Look mom!”.

Grandpa and two of his girls!

The whole gang (minus mom)!