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Wednesday April 28, 2010

Saturday was garden planting day.  The boys have been involved in the summer garden project from the beginning; tilling the dirt, picking out seeds, and we were all eagerly looking forward to the next step… seed planting.

This is how it played out in my head~

The boys would follow me out to the garden with their toy shovels in hand.  We would all work diligently at marking and hoeing the rows.  I pictured Jude and Gideon holding the lines straight for me as I turned over the dirt for each row.  Then I imagined the three of us bent over the packets of seeds as we talked about seeds, roots, photosynthesis and germination.  They of course listened with fascination and reverence.  Then we would all take turns carefully planting the seeds in the small holes we had dug down the middle of the rows.

This is what really happened~

He drug all of the tools out of the shed (whether we needed them or not) and left them all over the ground for me to step on.

She rolled in the dirt and loved every minute of it.

“Boys, BOYS!  You can’t keep stepping on the rows we just hoed!”  Multiply that by 117.

“Gideon please don’t tangle up the string.  I need that to mark the rows!”

“No guys you have to spread the seeds out!  Don’t just pile them all up in one place!”

“Jude!  That’s the corn row; you can’t plant the cosmos in the corn row!”

“CHARLIE YOU DUMB DOG!!! GET OUT OF THE GARDEN!!!”, plus some other things I muttered under my breath that fortunately no one heard.

“Eliza don’t eat the banana you dropped in the dirt!  Jude, Jude!  Take that banana away from your sister!”

“Guys!!  Were did you put the seed packets?!”

Hopefully they will remember garden planting differently than I do.

Enjoying a well earned ice cream sandwich on the porch.  We told Jude that he was old enough to stay up from naps on Saturdays.  Now everyday he asks, “Is today Saturday Mom?”   “No Bud… it’s not”

We got a sad call yesterday.  Not an unexpected one, but sad none the less.  My husband’s Grandma Jenny had passed away.    I sat down with the boys and told them that Grandma Jenny was in heaven now.  She had lived a wonderful and long life but her heart stopped working right and now she is in heaven with Jesus.  I told Jude, “Grandma Jenny is fine but Grandpa W. is a little sad today so we need to be sure to pray for him.”  This, I could tell worried him a bit.  He spent the rest of the morning writing notes to Grandpa W. and reminding me to pray for him.  My husband came home early to take Grandpa to lunch and Jude begged to go with them.  He wouldn’t be happy until he could see Grandpa and give him a hug.

While Jude was at lunch with his dad and grandpa; we made bread.  Cold, gray days are perfect for making bread.  Gideon loves helping me and Eliza is determined not to be left out of any activity!

We got the ingredients measure out and mixed together, so I let Gid have the mixer paddle to lick.  I turned around from washing the dishes and saw this~

After all the dough had been completely eaten, they both just sat down in the chair together.

Cold, gray days are also good for blanket tents~

My husband snapped these pictures the other night as he played on the trampoline with the kids~


I admit I was more than a little doubtful when he said he thought we should get a trampoline for the kids.  I thought it would be one more expensive toy that sat around unused. 

I was wrong. 

That trampoline has been one of the best things we ever bought.  They are on it every chance they get.

Made myself a dress out of this fun pattern.  I will post more on that sewing adventure soon!

Thursday April 22, 2010

Fair warning: this is a long post with lots of pictures.  I really should split it into several posts but I have a few minutes of peace right now and there is no guarantee that I will have that again anytime soon.

I really need to start from last Friday when my sister-in-laws and I loaded up the Honda and headed for the coast, for our church’s ladies retreat.  I didn’t take my camera, a decision I regretted a few times but I felt like I wanted a break from all of the normal things I do.  On Sunday after the retreat was over, our husbands met us at the beach with the children and we enjoyed a beautiful day in the waves and sand.

This girl is fearless!  She couldn’t get enough of the waves.  Running for them every time I turned around she didn’t even notice the cold.

Miss Eliza in her new bathing suit!

I remember this…

…playing in the waves as a child.  Running from the waves, standing still and feeling the ocean pull on your feet.  Then turning around and doing the same thing over and over again.

  She wasn’t going to rest until she had explored every square inch of the beach.

Daddy and his girl!

Tim and Di teaching Jude a new game.  I love the looks on their faces!

This little guy; he was more than happy to sit in the warm sand, soak up the sun, and watch everything happening around him.

Love this face!

When we got home and I was looking through the pictures my husband had taken I found this one~

He really adores her, and as you can see the adoration is mutual!  He always wants her with him.  Ever since she was a baby, he would as if I would bring her in his room so she could watch him play.  If he’s reading books on the couch he will set her on the couch next to him.

She no longer wants to be left out of bedtime stories.  Her dad and I use to take turns; one of us would read to the boys while the other gave Eliza her bottle.  But lately she has been pushing her bottle away and heading for the couch.

Monday morning came and Derby Car Racing fever set in.

Painting the cars was a HUGE test of my patience, but we made it and they turned out pretty good!

I said to the boys, “Let me get a picture of you with your derby cars!” and this is what I got~

Oh well. 

Jude and Eliza’s new game.  Look at her face!

Yesterday morning I had a good amount of baking to do and as usual my little helpers pushed their stools up to the counter. 
After the first batch was done and the boys had gotten their taste of cookie dough, they abandoned me for other interests, but not Eliza.  She stuck with me to the bitter end!

Enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We are all so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa W. tonight after 6 long weeks in Africa.  The boys loved getting post cards in the mail but I think they are ready to wrap their arms around them.


Thursday April 15, 2010

Life this past week has been kind of dedicated to planning and organizing.  Deciding what we want to do this summer.  Vacations, gardens, landscaping, house projects, ten year anniversary… just working on getting organized and focusing our energy and attention.

I started this week inside the house.  I was inspired by celebration_of_life’s post on organization and decided to tackle my own cluttered house.  So I have been systematically organizing my house room-by-room, starting with the kids’ rooms and the laundry room.

The ironing and sock folding had gotten a little out of control~

I HATE folding socks!  I’m terrible at it.  So week after week I save folding them till last.  Naturally I run out of time and decide I will fold them tomorrow, or the next day, or the next…

It seems like such a little thing but it’s kind of a big deal.  Rummaging through a mountain of mix-matched socks every time you need to leave the house is a real waste of valuable time!  NO MORE!

On Saturday my husband tilled up a patch in the back for our summer garden.

I have been informed that “tractors are NOT CUTE!”  But I think ours is.

So last night before Awanas we went to The Tractor Supply Store to pick out seeds.

He insisted on wearing the boots.

Can I just say I love the Tractor Supply Store!  In one store you can buy everything from t-shirts, to hydraulic fluid, to giant tubs of cheese balls.

I like their magazine section too.  They all have titles and articles like “Canning & Preserves”, “The Secret lives of Praying Mantis’” and “Home Cheese Making”.

What do you do with ducks?  I mean… chicks I get.  But ducks?

The boys were coveting the over-priced toy tractors.

We also got berries!

No more paying outrageous prices for tiny boxes of store bought berries!  When I want berries I’ll just send the boys out to pick some… if I can keep them alive that is (the berry bushes not the boys).  Maybe when I have my own raspberries I will teach myself how to make chocolate mousse.

So our garden seeds have been chosen and hopefully next week they will get planted.

The boys spent the whole morning rigging clothes lines around their room and hanging random things on the lines.  Play is such an amazing thing.  They are just having a good time together but they are also learning about the world around them.  As they are unrolling twine and tying up their lines they are learning about angles, and weight, measurements, and problem solving.  I love watching them play.

I’ve been getting lots of fun supplies in the mail this last week and been getting a lot of inspiration for future projects.

Finally, one last thing~

Another wardrobe makeover:

This is a lovely gray sweater I bought off a sales rack while I was still pregnant with Eliza.  I took me a while to fit into it and I had only worn it a few times when I noticed is had a few holes in the right shoulder.  Because it’s such a light weight, airy sweater the holes really showed.  Since I don’t trust my sweater mending abilities at all (because they don’t in fact exist).  I decide to cover up the hole.

I got out some cotton knit fabric, tulle, and my circle stencil

A few buttons and pearls for embellishments and started to sew.

Holes?  What holes?

My weekend is starting early this week.  I leave Friday for a my church’s ladies retreat.  A whole weekend at the coast enjoying good food, good fellowship, and God’s Word.

Friday April 9, 2010

I really love Fridays~

Fun with StAwbErrieS !

.:Wearing my new Birthday necklace:.

.: More orders going out:.

It’s fun to get things in the mail; even if you are expecting them.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday April 6, 2010

Easter ended up being a little nontraditional for our family.  Instead of a ham and fixin’s meal on Sunday after church, we had a spaghetti dinner and Easter egg hunt on Saturday night with the cousins.

The kiddos did more giggling that eating.  Who could blame them.  Easter egg hunts, running around the yard, and trampolines… so much to do!

She’s pretty much walking everywhere now and loves being able to freely explore new territories.

The dads took the kids on a trailer ride around the property, while the little girls, Alli and I hid the eggs.

Time for group photos~

Waiting while the cameras get set up.

More waiting while Alli runs to grab Benny.

Now we’re ready!

Uncle Rex and the little girls.

Dessert!  Yummmmm

It was such a fun night I think spaghetti dinner and egg hunt might be our new Easter tradition.

My lilac bushes yielded a small crop of beautiful purple blooms, and on the way home the other day, we saw that the strawberry stand was open!  I flipped the car around and headed back for 3 baskets of spring strawberries.  I can safely say “You’ve never had a strawberry until you’ve had one from a road-side California strawberry stand!”.

I did a good amount of cooking this past weekend.  If there was a “Maximum amount of dishes used for the least amount of food prepared” contest; I would so win!  Other contests that don’t exist but I would totally win:
~ “Dorkiest wave” contest
~ “Most junk under the couch” contest
~”Dirtiest baking sheet” contest

Sewing Month~

March was sewing month at my house. 

I made lots and lots of bibs and Onesies~

Did some sewing for my Etsy site~

Eliza’s Birthday dress~

Her dress turned out exactly as I had envisioned it.  A big thanks to my mom who was my sewing guru and put the finishing touches on the dress.

My original goal was to make some things for myself too.

I did make myself a small purse

This is the easiest little purse to make.  It’s just a simple clutch.  I wanted to make one for those occasions when I go to town by myself and I don’t want to carry around my normal huge “mommy purse”.  The one with diapers, and goldfish crackers, and army men in it.

 I ordered several PDF patterns from a really great Etsy seller~ 
She also has a fun blog~

I love her patterns!  They are reasonably priced and the instructions are easy to follow.  I also have one skirt cut out, and many more dresses for Eliza planned, but those will have to wait.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We somehow managed not to get a single picture of us in our Easter outfits.  The boys were darling in their little ties!  We might have to stage a reenactment 

Thursday April 1, 2010

This is her new favorite pastime.  Climbing up and down our little orange rocking chair.

She isn’t perfect.  In fact I have a feeling this little one is going to keep her dad and I on our feet, but I do love her little personality. 

Every day she is changing, coming into her own.  I love her happy, goofy, adventurous spirit.  She seems to be a bit of a dare devil, not like her cautious mom :)

Very proud of herself!

The boys came in while I was taking pictures of Eliza~

Gid was showing me his “tower” and explaining to me in great detail the town he was building and were everyone lived and what each little person was driving… he has a great imagination.

Jude did not appreciate me taking his picture.  Normally he doesn’t mind at all in fact lately he’s been such a ham in front of the camera, I can hardly get a picture of anything but him!

Sewing month has officially come to a close.  Unofficially, I think I might stretch it into next month too!  I will be sure to post a few pictures of my sewing adventures in the next few days.  Our week got off to a slow start; taking care of a sick husband and wrangling three kids has pretty much commandeered all of my time.   Although he was a very easy patient!   My Etsy site has been keeping me busy as well.  The orders are coming in consistently now, I must confess I am pleased!