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Further Fashion Failures


Other titles considered for this post:  Pinterest Makes me Ugly,  Hobo Chic,  Why I love Pony Tail Holders
{but really you can’t beat a good alliteration}

I wish this was the type of blog that provided useful, easy fashion fixes, but I can only work with what I’ve got, and most of my fashion adventures are of the blooper variety.  As many of you know, for the last year or so I’ve been growing out my hair.  When you pair “awkward grow-out phases” with  my complete inexperience with long hair it all adds up to a lot of bad hair days.  Needless to say I’m always on the look for out for useful styling tips and easy/attractive hair solutions.  Pinterest if full of hair styling ideas and I’m a sucker for a good hair gimmick so I thought I would give it a go.

I settled on a method that was supposed to achieve “sexy, relaxed beach curls” in three easy steps.  Step one: divide damp hair into sections, step two: twist sections and pin to your head, step three: when dry remove bobby pins and gently run fingers through hair.  The result was a beautiful, natural looking, perfectly wavy hair.  Some bloggers suggested doing this right before bed and sleeping on it, while other bloggers said to just twist your hair in the early morning, and in a few hours the curls would be ready to go.  Since sleeping on a bunch of twisted bobby pins sounded totally unappealing I opted for the daytime method.   I carefully divided and pinned my hair and waited the prescribed two hours.  After two hours my hair was still very damp so I waited another hour.  When it became clear that my hair was never going to dry of it’s own accord, and that it was possible starting to mildew I decided to deviate from “three easy steps”.  I rummaged through the bottom of my bathroom cabinets and pulled out my never-been-used hair diffuser/ blow dyer attachment, and started blowing my hair dry.  After several minutes of blow drying it still wasn’t dry, so I left the pins in for another 40 minutes and tried blowing them dry again.  “Fast and easy” were quickly being crossed off the list, so I was now holding out for “looks fabulous”.

Before I do the big picture reveal; let me just recap for you the actually steps involved in this hair style-

Step one: it is best to start this process with an attitude of gullible optimism
Step two: divide damp hair into sections
Step three: twist and pin sections of hair to your head
Step four: wait two hours
Step five: wait another hour
Step six: assure your oldest son for the 10th time that you will not go into town looking like that
Step seven: find hair diffuser
Step eight: blow dry hair not once but twice
Step nine:  remove pins and gently run fingers through hair AND…..


Okay, so… it’s not really that sexy beach wave look.  It’s more like the “I’ve been living under a bridge” look. Or what I like to call the “Nick Nolte Mugshot” look.

Tucking behind the ears does not help.

I have no words…

I tried combing it out for a sleeker, softer appearance

Still not working

What is up with the look on my face?

I think the lessons we can all take away from this cautionary tale are: if it sounds to good to be true then it’s too good to be true, and... pony tail holders are your friend.

What I know, What I remember

What I know about this picture:

She screamed the entire time it took to fill up the tub *  I came in no less the four times to tell to her to stop making tidal waves in the bath *  In typical 3-year-old fashion she insisted on doing everything herself *  She was furious with me when she got soap in her eyes *  I got almost as wet as she did during the whole process *  She spilled the basket of wet toys which scattered across the bathroom floor *  By the end of the day she looked like she had never even taken a bath *

What I will remember about this picture:

The way we both burst into laughter when I came around the corner and saw her wearing those lopsided goggles*  The little song she made up about the turtle and the fireman *  How she kissed the palm of my hand when I was drying her off *  How perfect her head smells after a bath*  The way I chased her around the house yelling, “Ahh!  Naked baby!  Pinch the buns!”, and the way she squealed and laughed until she gave herself the hiccups.


I realize that there is a disconnect between what I know and what I remember.  I am not a historian dictating facts for future generations.  I’m a mother.  Everyday I try to leave behind yesterday’s frustrations, mistakes, regrets, and tiredness, while at the same time holding onto the things that give me hope; that make me smile.

So here’s to fact and fond memories, and this beautiful life that is held perfectly in tension between the two.


So here we go…

I don’t know why this feels so unfamiliar and little rusty to me, but I have missed this place. I have missed you all.  So here I am dipping my feet back in the blogging waters.  You will have to bear with me as I fumble through this post :)

Our life has been quietly and steadily humming along; filled with dirty little feet, sloppy kisses, tooth fairy visits, loud happy voices around the dinner table, crocodile tears, spilled milk, dirty dishes… all the everyday things that some how add up to something quite extraordinary.

Here’s a few pictures I managed to snap over the last month~

The boys hard at work on our new sprinklers

It’s t-ball time!

He loved being back on the field

Sunday afternoon smoothies and popcorn on the back porch

I love her face

Fun field trips with J’s class.  This was a tour of a cabinetry shop which is owned by one of the student’s grandpa.  Each student got the a beautiful wooden plaque that said “Jesus loves _____”.  Such a thoughtful gift!

Afterward the children got to take a tour of a wild game exhibit. 

Such and amazing collection, the kids were beyond excited!

There was even a full sized giraffe

They also got to pet some friendly zebras

If I were to give this picture a title it would be, “My most favorite smile so far…”

This one I call “I dressed myself”

I love how the sit with their heads touching

Opps, I’ve been spotted

Miss E doing a little cleaning while I tried to do some of my own cleaning :)

I look forward to making the rounds and seeing what you are all up to these days.  We have a full weekend, starting tomorrow with a celebration.  My firstborn turns seven tomorrow.  Seven.  That can’t be right.