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I got carried away

Scrappy fabric tagsI thought, “I’ll just make a couple, I’ve got a few minutes to spare.”

Scrappy fabric tagI got carried away.

Scrappy fabric tagsBefore I knew it I had used every blank gift tag in the pack, and the only thing that stopped me from heading to the craft store for more, was Miss P who was soundly sleeping in her crib.  I thought, “I should write up a tutorial!”… but it’s ridiculously simple.  In fact it goes like this: find little bits of fabric and ribbon, arrange them in a pretty way, and sew them on the tags with a sewing machine.  If you don’t have a sewing machine a hot glue gun will do the job adequately (although personally I like the look of the stitching).

Valentines bag

Floral fabric tagA few weeks ago I also made some gift tags from damaged Golden Books.  I used books that had darling illustrations but were looking a little worse for the ware. It was an idea I spotted on Pinterest for making Christmas tags but I used the books I had available to me.

Children's gift tagsOn some I cut the word from the text and added them to the bottom of the tag.

Golden Book gift tagsIt’s pretty easy to find damaged books at thrift stores or antique stores (or in my case my own book self) and they’re usually inexpensive.

Gift tags from vintage childrens books

Golden Book gift tagsDon’t you love it when you stumble across a project that is simple and yet so satisfying?

Now I just need to get my hands on some more gift tags… oh! or have a gift tag making party… a gift tag party with snacks!  Yes, I’m liking where this going…




The Week That Was

Pictures from our week~

1.  We’ve been reading Prince Caspian lately.  They are enthralled!  It’s been a little while since we’ve read a book that captured their imaginations so completely.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.  A whole new world has opened up for Miss P.  She’s started eating a few finger foods.  Puffs, scrambled eggs, little bits of buttered toast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3.  Her immense concentration never ceases to amuse me :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4.  Herbs on my windowsill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5.  The kiddos enjoying our unseasonable warm winter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  A girl and her Hotwheels.  I loved my Hotwheels when I was her age.  The sound of the wheels spinning out, feeling like a speed demon… never wanting any other bike.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8. Momma finally made it to the sewing room

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9.  And Miss P finally got some new dresses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10.  More Geranium Dress fun!  These pictures hardly do this darling fabric justice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11.  I tried them on Miss P and they just barely fit her!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA12.  I’m kind of smitten with these little pink poms at the bottom.



My thought for the week:  I stood in line at the DMV this week with three older men.  They had the look of men who had lived hard lives. Their clothes were worn and hung on their lean frames.  But they were so warm and friendly.  They struck up a conversation with each other, and it wasn’t long before one asked the other two if they knew Jesus as their personal savior.  Their grins widened as they nodded their heads vigorously; yes they knew Jesus and what difference He had made in their lives!  Men who had been strangers only moments before were suddenly brothers, signing the praises of their Lord. They each told how He has saved them from a life of drugs and pain.  I couldn’t help but think as I watched this scene play out before me; it is no wonder the Lord has a soft place in His heart for His wayward children. The ones who take the long way home.  Who come to grace knowing it’s full measure and spend the rest of their days praising His name.




The Week That Was

Strictly speaking these are pictures from several weeks, squeezed into one post.  I’m on instagram now which means that lately my phone camera sees more action than my regular camera… something I will have to balance out.  But here are a smattering of pictures I managed to take over the last 2 weeks-

1.  My early morning risers huddled near the fire.


2.  Art fever has hit our house.  The combination of Miss E’s new art books and supplies, and a freshly cleaned and organized art station; have brought on a flurry of drawing and creating.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3.  The boys brought home even more art books after a trip to the library.  J found an alien drawing book and now there are martians and spacecraft pictures all over the house!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4.  Justin spent the holidays tackling another big project for our property.  Thanks to his hard work we now have a new basketball court!  And a place for the children to ride bikes and roller-skate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5.  The big cement trucks were a big hit with the children.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  J found the perfect perch to watch all the action

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7.  The new hoop and lighting have been installed, just waiting to be used for a rousing game of night basketball.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8.  Little glimpses of our day~

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9.  Leveling the ground for the basketball court meant a giant pile of dirt now exists on the back edge of the lawn.  It is the children’s favorite place to play.  Now when I do laundry I find dirt in the all the pockets and cuffs of their jeans.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10.  This is another one of Miss E’s Christmas gifts.  She loves doctoring all her stuffed animals and dolls.  Before Christmas I went online to find her a nice pretend doctor’s kit but the nice ones where so expensive!  I decided to make one myself and save a little money.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bought a little suitcase for $4.95 at Target and added a the fabric cross to the top.  Between the dollar store, pharmacy, and ebay I was able to fill her little case full of fun medical supplies.  She has ace bandages, pill containers filled with Smarties, a thermometer, rainbow band aids, and a pink stethoscope.  Miss E has doctored everyone in the house many times, we are all very well taken care of.


My thought for the week:  Presently I have no worthwhile thoughts.  Every part of my limited brain capacity has been taken up with the mechanics of running my house.  It is a wonder to me that women make it through the child-rearing years with any brain cells in tact.

Our Christmas

I don’t know why special occasion posts are hard for me to write.  They feel a little forced, sort of like writing a “What I did for Christmas vacation” school report.  I’m much better at everyday kind of posts. But nonetheless, these are special memories and this is the place I write about memories.

We filled the days leading up to Christmas with fun activities like walking Christmas tree lane, hot coco at Starbucks, and Christmas movies.  Baking and decorating sugar cookies is something they look forward to each year, and every year I decide that next year I will ban sprinkles permanently.  Somehow, when I see those darling tubs of holiday sprinkles I just can’t resist buying them!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year’s Christmas tree was rather large.  As you can tell the children grew bored making popcorn strings so the bottom half of the tree was left looking quite bare.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few days before Christmas I try to wrap some little presents to stick in their stockings.  They get the biggest thrill out of seeing those tiny gifts peeking out of the top.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristmas morning came.  I had anticipated being awaken by 3 very excited children way before dawn, but to my surprise they all slept in.  Finally at around 7:00am I got up and started making coffee and getting breakfast ready.  It didn’t take long for them to all start piling out of their beds

G claimed his place by the fire as J started passing out presents.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made them all hooded towels this year.  My friend Trisha makes these great hooded towels and had given them as baby gifts to both my girls.  Miss E’s towel was well worn from years of use, and the boys had always wanted on of their own.  I thought it would make a nice gift for them and they were so fun to make!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe last thing to be opened is always the stockings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe present opening aftermath.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur traditional Christmas breakfast is braided blackberry coffee cake, bacon, orange juice and coffee.  I make the coffee cake the night before, keep it in the fridge, and just pop it in the oven to bake while we open presents.  The bacon also gets cooked in the oven at the same time, so we have a warm breakfast cooking while I enjoy watching present opening.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMiss E loves coloring these days so we got her a lot of art supplies for Christmas.  She sat down right after breakfast and began to create.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChristmas night we usually head down to my parents house to celebrate with them.  All 10 cousins, fill the house with laughter and lots of noise :)   They instantly head to the Christmas tree to scope out any presents that might have their name on it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove this guy!  He posed for me while I took a picture of him in his Santa hat holding the platter full of steak.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy parents gave each of us our own wooden robot toys and the kids got a kick out of posing them while we ate dinner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy dad carving the Christmas meat.



It’s at this point in the evening that my pictures stopped.  Between enjoying the wonderful meal and helping the kiddos open their presents, there was precious little time to take pictures.  It was a good Christmas!  We are beyond blessed!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this guy right here… he turned 7 the day after Christmas.  My boy with the long lashes, sweet smile, and quiet ways.  He has such a big, tender, and generous heart.  Legos and Starwars dominate his play right now.  He builds such wonderful things!  For Awanas he memorized and recited all of Psalms 23.  He just beamed with pleasure the first time he said it straight through without any help.  I’m so happy I get to be his momma!