Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Week that Was

Not every week is filled with warm, homey, contented good times.

I hope I don’t give the impression that my life is just peachy all the time.  Nor do I wish to turn this blog into a place were I vent, gripe, and complain about the challenges life sometimes throws my way.  It can be hard to find the balance between being thankful for the life I live, and at the same time acknowledging that some weeks are hard.  Some weeks gloominess crowds into the corners of my heart and follows me round like a storm cloud.  I let thoughts like “what’s the point?”, or “why bother?” drag me down.  I feel lacking in every single way.

Anyway… all that to say, this past week fell into the cruddy category.  No particular reason, just a small avalanche of irksome things that had me buried by the end of the week.  By Friday I threw my hands in the air and said “Fine. I give up.”  It’s Sunday and I’m still in I-give-up mode.  Hopefully Monday morning will provide the kick in the pants I need… it usually does.

But I will leave you with the few pictures I took this week~

I took this first picture because it seemed to encapsulate so much of my life right now.  The colorful quilt on the back of the couch, the bouquet of flowers lovingly picked by my long-lashed boy, socks and laundry everywhere, toys and books scattered about.  It’s the good and the hard all mixed up in one spot.


How many can fit on one chair?


Rain, wonderful blessed rain finally fell on this dry valley.


This post is the first post of March.  It will also be the last post of March.  The kiddos and I are going screen-free for the month.  I mostly wanted to mention that so I would be forced to go through with my plan ;)   A little accountability can be just what a girl needs to turn good intentions into action.

So I’ll see you in a month!  ~April