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The Home They Will Remember

InanorchardThis is what a winter wonderland looks like where we live.  No snowy drifts, or snow-kissed trees.  We have swirling fog, a grey wintry mist that settles into our valley.  Everything is drenched in fat dew drops and the moisture collects on your hair and eyelashes as you walk through the wet grass.


Touches of Christmas have arrived at our house much to the delight of all the children.  Inanorchard

The Christmas tree arrived last Sunday, strapped to the top of the blue minivan.  The following night the ornament box, the star topper, and box of lights were dusted off and brought in from the shed.  Lights ran the length of the kitchen as Daddy tested each strand.  Miss E pranced in and around the lights, clapping her hands with delight.

They waited as best they could.  It’s hard to be little and have to wait on grownups who move so slowly.Inanorchard

Miss P was perched on Daddy’s shoulders where she could still see all the action but not be in the thick of things.

And because of Miss P there are no ornaments on the bottom half of the tree :)


InanorchardI wanted to keep things simple in the main part of the house.  I foraged in my mother-in-law’s yard for greenery to make garlands for the windows, and I sliced and dried oranges to hang from the boughs.  I like the oranges so well they might stay on after all the other holiday decorations have been packed away.




Because I kept the Christmas decorations so sparse this year, I decided to go all out in the kids rooms.  I surprised them and decorated while they were away at school.  Inanorchard

It really is amazing the magic that can be created with paper, scissors, and tape.  The girls now have snowflake ballerinas, paper chains, and snowball garlands hanging above their heads while they sleep!  (ps- if you’re interested in the free template for the ballerina snowflakes I found them here)

I found small Christmas trees to put on their dresser and Miss E’s advent basket is perched on top as well (out of the reach of baby sister).

I also made a small felt holly and berry garland to hang on the girls’ mirror.Inanorchard

This snowball garland is my personal favorite!  It’s just cotton balls strung on a long piece of twine but I love the way it looks.Inanorchard

The boys got plenty of snowflakes and paper chains of their own.Inanorchard

Their own small Christmas tree and advent baskets.  Oh those advent baskets, every year I think “I’m not going to to them again.  They’re so much work to put together”.  But I truly think they are the kids favorite Christmas tradition.InanorhcardThe boys Christmas quilts were brought down from the high shelf in the linen cupboard and arranged neatly on their bunks.


They also got to make snow as one of their Advent activities.  If you’re wondering how one makes snow, you do it by adding a whole can of shaving cream to two boxes of corn starch.  What your left with is a very strange/cool feeling mixture.  It was a hit with the kiddos but not so much with the clean-up crew (aka mom).Inanorchard

A big storm rolled through and gave Miss P the perfect opportunity to test out her red thrift-store rain boots.  And boy did she :)  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that girl more pleased!  The boys came out for a few minutes but quickly grew tired of puddle jumping and went back in the house to huddle near the fire.  Inanorchard

The girls played and played and played!Inanorchard

This might be my favorite picture of these two so far.  Inanorchard

I hope that when my children are older, and they look back on their childhood and the home they grew up in that they will remember it like this; as the cozy winter house with warm fires, bedtime stories about warrior mice and talking spiders, eggnog and tree decorating, colorful paper chains, and homemade snowflakes gracing all the windows.