Taking Care of Them







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are so many posts that I should or could be writing today.  Christmas posts, a certain long-lashed boy who turned 7 this week… but instead I am writing about the task at hand.  Sick kiddos draped around the living room.  Coughs, fever and the stomach flu descended on our house and halted all other plans.

I remember when I was young, sick days meant Mom would stalk up on 7up and saltines.  The same little Rubbermade garbage can would be put by my bed.  Extra pillows were pulled out of the linen closet and propped behind my head.  If I was really feeling under the weather she would sit by me and rub my arms and hands.  When she wasn’t taking care of me she was madly disinfecting the entire house.  Cups and dishes soaked in bleach, all the surfaces in the house sanitized, and all the bedding was stripped and washed in hot water.  She would take the blankets fresh out of the dyer and pile them around me.  It was so nice to know that at the end of the day I would lay my hot, aching head on cool, clean sheets.

I do sick days at my house pretty much the same way.  7up has been replaced by Gatorade.  But the house smells like bleach and there are blankets in the dryer.  This morning as I made them comfortable on the couch Miss E turned to her brother (who was convalescing on the other couch) and said, “Momma is bein’ really nice to us!”.

So we will be spending our New Year’s Eve huddled up by the fire, taking it easy.  Happy New Year my friends!  What a year it has been…

3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Them

  1. Stefanie Götz-Ballbach

    Happy New Year, April!
    You and your posts are wonderful. I’m following in Germany.
    Best wishes

  2. Michelle

    Gah! Those two bugs are circulating around here and I am still praying them away and giving everyone probiotics. But isn’t it amazing what some mother love can do for sick people? I hope the ickies leave your house very soon!


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