The Week That Was

Pictures from our week~

1.  We’ve been reading Prince Caspian lately.  They are enthralled!  It’s been a little while since we’ve read a book that captured their imaginations so completely.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.  A whole new world has opened up for Miss P.  She’s started eating a few finger foods.  Puffs, scrambled eggs, little bits of buttered toast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3.  Her immense concentration never ceases to amuse me :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4.  Herbs on my windowsill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5.  The kiddos enjoying our unseasonable warm winter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  A girl and her Hotwheels.  I loved my Hotwheels when I was her age.  The sound of the wheels spinning out, feeling like a speed demon… never wanting any other bike.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8. Momma finally made it to the sewing room

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9.  And Miss P finally got some new dresses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10.  More Geranium Dress fun!  These pictures hardly do this darling fabric justice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11.  I tried them on Miss P and they just barely fit her!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA12.  I’m kind of smitten with these little pink poms at the bottom.



My thought for the week:  I stood in line at the DMV this week with three older men.  They had the look of men who had lived hard lives. Their clothes were worn and hung on their lean frames.  But they were so warm and friendly.  They struck up a conversation with each other, and it wasn’t long before one asked the other two if they knew Jesus as their personal savior.  Their grins widened as they nodded their heads vigorously; yes they knew Jesus and what difference He had made in their lives!  Men who had been strangers only moments before were suddenly brothers, signing the praises of their Lord. They each told how He has saved them from a life of drugs and pain.  I couldn’t help but think as I watched this scene play out before me; it is no wonder the Lord has a soft place in His heart for His wayward children. The ones who take the long way home.  Who come to grace knowing it’s full measure and spend the rest of their days praising His name.




9 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Holly

    The sunshine is just irresistible these days and I love that you could put in a place for them to ride and play! The dresses are wonderful and reminded me I’ve been meaning to call you about a bib pattern…I thought it would be fun for Kate to do some for MPC. Will have to chat soon:)

  2. Jenny

    The conversation of the men loving Jesus warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.
    Beautiful sweet dresses. My boys loved their big wheel bikes. So much fun. I didn’t think about the noise the wheels make as being part of the fun! Love all the Chronicles of Narnia books. Great reading, so fun to see those two heads together imagining.

  3. Susan

    I’m glad to know you have a “real life.” I have had way too many of those lately.

    I love the cute little dresses and the fact that you have the patience to sew little things.

  4. Audrey R

    Say what?! Unseasonably warm weather? And it never gets terribly cold there, does it? I am jealous! :)

    I have been sewing for my BIL’s wedding, and let’s just say that I am not having much fun so far. I am scared that I won’t even like Kierra’s dress when I am done with it!

    How do you get your herbs to grow? Maybe it gets too cold here with not enough sunshine. I have tried several times with no success.

    I love that DMV story. Jesus really makes all the difference!

  5. Clarita

    You’re sewing again!! What fun! It always inspires me so much… Have you ever seen the Matilda Jane line of kids’ clothing? It is super expensive, and absolutely darling. The clothing you make for your girls reminds me so much of them.

    Prince Caspian! What super books you’re reading to your kids! I love when I hear parents introducing their kids to great literature. :)

    Little Pearl is just so adorable. I can imagine she gets squishes and smooched all day, by anyone that lays eyes on her. :)
    Happy Monday!


      maltida jane is amazing~ adorable clothes and they also do so much for missions/ donating their clothes to kids in other countries. a friend just got back from uganda where mj sent boxes full of their beautiful clothes.. she said it was the coolest thing in the world seeing these little kids who had never had anything new in their lives walking around in those clothes!! :) )

  6. Shanda

    Love that last story from the DMV, how wonderful!
    The dresses are beautiful! Love Miss P and the pictures of her seriously eating her little bits of food. She’s growing so nicely! hugs


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