I got carried away

Scrappy fabric tagsI thought, “I’ll just make a couple, I’ve got a few minutes to spare.”

Scrappy fabric tagI got carried away.

Scrappy fabric tagsBefore I knew it I had used every blank gift tag in the pack, and the only thing that stopped me from heading to the craft store for more, was Miss P who was soundly sleeping in her crib.  I thought, “I should write up a tutorial!”… but it’s ridiculously simple.  In fact it goes like this: find little bits of fabric and ribbon, arrange them in a pretty way, and sew them on the tags with a sewing machine.  If you don’t have a sewing machine a hot glue gun will do the job adequately (although personally I like the look of the stitching).

Valentines bag

Floral fabric tagA few weeks ago I also made some gift tags from damaged Golden Books.  I used books that had darling illustrations but were looking a little worse for the ware. It was an idea I spotted on Pinterest for making Christmas tags but I used the books I had available to me.

Children's gift tagsOn some I cut the word from the text and added them to the bottom of the tag.

Golden Book gift tagsIt’s pretty easy to find damaged books at thrift stores or antique stores (or in my case my own book self) and they’re usually inexpensive.

Gift tags from vintage childrens books

Golden Book gift tagsDon’t you love it when you stumble across a project that is simple and yet so satisfying?

Now I just need to get my hands on some more gift tags… oh! or have a gift tag making party… a gift tag party with snacks!  Yes, I’m liking where this going…




5 thoughts on “I got carried away

  1. Clarita

    Ever CUTE!! I haven’t even thought of Valentine’s Day projects yet, wow. You are all prepared! I don’t know whether I like the sewing or the old Golden Books pictures best. Both are adorable!

  2. Shanda

    I can totally understand. Tags are darling. I love what you did! Another idea for you, I keep some of the tags off my new clothes (or, the kids clothes) from Anthropologie or what have you…..a lot of them are so pretty with twine ties and such. You can just paper over the brand name and add more decorations.


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