The Week that Was

Pictures from our week and a few words to go with them-

1. Quiet rainy day activities

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2.  Best $7.00 I’ve ever spent

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. The stomach flu kept the boys out of school for a full week; which meant a lot of catchup homework

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4.  My laundry spent the week traveling from the kitchen table, to the living room couch, my bed, then back to the kitchen table.  It got riffled through, unstacked, refolded, mixed up and finally… finally put in drawers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. A 4-year-old makes her own ham and cheese sandwich while wearing mix-matched pjs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6.  Making little treats for little friends

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7. I abandon all attempts at productivity and join the kiddos for an afternoon of sidewalk-chalk drawing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8.  Perfect pink toes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9. Chalk smudges everywhere

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10. Love offerings left under my pillow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11.  Tulips for teachers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA12. Watching the Olympics


My thought for the week:  I love my little house.  That thought washed over me the other night as I walked in from the backyard just after dark.  The windows glowed with a warm light.  From where I stood in the cold grass I could see water-colored hearts hanging on the fridge, children reading on the couches, a globe left on the kitchen table were J had been working on an assignment, and Justin sitting at his desk with a baby perched on the edge of his knee.  Everything I loved most, under one cheery little roof… and it was mine… all mine.

7 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. Cindy

    I can FEEL the love, your love of your family and home, all the way over here.

    we have nomadic laundry too. lucky duck teachers. I can’t for some strange reason see all of your pics, but I know I love pillow-offerings and anything april would do on a rainy day. :)

    xo from an igloo in a sled-dog kind of world.

  2. Shannon

    Such a sweet post. Minus the sickness of course.
    I can’t get over how cute your kids are. #9 with the chalk smudges, I didn’t even see them, I saw the cheeks, the eyelashes and the beautiful hair! :) I’ll send my girls out to visit. :)

  3. Clarita

    I always just love every single thing about your posts. There is so much inspiration, creativity, happiness, and contentment that simply oozes out of each picture and word. I’m so lucky to know you! xo

  4. Beth

    I love that your laundry migrates as well before getting folded. It’s so much more interesting than that boring old folded right out of the dryer variety. It’s a reflection of the cool people the laundry belongs too. Am I right? I thought so.

    Your kiddos are just the cutest ever. Seriously, ya’ll need to dial it down a notch over there.


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