Sunday December 21, 2008

Being a relaxed mom in not something that comes easily to me.  I think that I may have given the impression that it does, but truthfully I find it difficult.  In fact being easy going with my children takes real effort and is often done reluctantly and with gritted teeth.  My first response to their little childhood adventures is usually one of the following…

How much work is this going to be for me to clean up?

How much extra time is it going to take from my already busy

What is going to be damaged in the process?

Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I think any of those questions are unreasonable questions to ask, and I resent when others imply that I ought to feel guilty about things I know in my heart are reasonable to think.  So I will not do that.

That being said; my convenience cannot always be the rule of the day, and I have to remember that when they pull their stools up to the counter and want to “help” mommy make cookies.  Or when he comes to me with safety scissor and tape in hand and wants to wrap his cousin’s Christmas present, or when they lift their faces up to me and say, “I do it by myself mommy!”.

I had one of those weak moments a few days ago when I let them go out in the orchard, foolishly believing that their rain boots would keep them reasonably clean and dry.

When I rounded the back fence, camera in hand, and caught my first glimpse of them I faltered.  Instantly I went into damage control mode.  Fortunately, the voice of reason prevailed and reminded me that dirty faces can be washed, play clothes are for playing, and the only permanent damage that would be done is for them to have a mother that doesn’t let them get wet and dirty in the orchard.

They need to get messy, to try, get frustrated, fail, succeed, find out, and yes; even get hurt… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

5 thoughts on “Sunday December 21, 2008

  1. manuelmusings

    I remember those days of letting the boys play in the irrigated orchard in as few clothes as possible. Now that I have a two year old, I have to remember that letting my older children help bake has made them independent today. I am just out of the habit of having a helper.

  2. H0LDfast

    the last few weeks letting them outside has instantly meant a load of wet muddy laundry, cleaning & drying boots, mopping the muddy floor and sometimes even hot baths to thaw out red, cold feet & hands – (because remember in spite of the 42 degree weather i have ceased the keep-your-boots-on speech) i should just send them out barefoot and save the little boots lined up & drying over heater vents part of the work load – yet in good mother conscience i can’t seem to let myself let them out in that temperature boot-less.

    all that to say i understand & am impressed – you taking the camera out & all. i for the most part have even given up on that : )

    happy monday & merry christmas & i meant to ask the rest (and 1st part) of that story that did you in yesterday . . .  ~ love you 


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