Sub-par Vegetable Gardener


Things I like/am borderline obsessed with: snacks before bed, British sitcoms from the 1970′s, Italian cream sodas, polka-dot fabric, harmonicas, and cut flowers in the house.  All of the flowers, all over the house, all of the time.

As soon as we moved into a house with a little bit of land I started planting flowers.  For the first few years I would plant a vegetable garden with a couple of rows of flowers mixed in for good measure.  The truth is I’m rubbish at vegetables.  I never harvested them at the right time, I quickly ran out of ways to cook them, and my efforts to unload them on all my friends and family failed 9 times out of 10.  You can only give squash to the same group of people for so long before they start politely refusing.  But here’s the brilliant thing about flowers… no one ever turns them down!

“Would you like 74 zucchinis?”  “No?”

“Would you like a bucket of sunflowers?”  “You’d like that very much?  Well great! Because I happen to have a whole bucket full!”

Do you have any idea how much fun it is to have a bucket full of sunflowers?

{flowers from gardens past}

The Cutting Garden




I’ve given up all pretenses.  No longer will I be a sub-par vegetable grower.  It’s all flowers from here on out.

In past years I’ve had trouble with gophers.  They’ve eaten over 70 daffodil bulbs, 4 lilac bushes, half a row of sweetpeas, and a couple of rose bushes.  I got so tired of spending time and money on flowers that only served to keep the gopher population fat and happy.  So this year Justin made me three good-sized raised flower beds, and lined the bottom of them with gopher wire.  Now I can plant to my heart’s content and gleefully thumb my nose at all those dang gophers.


This summer I planted dahlias, two varieties of zinnias, a whole box full of cosmos, cornflowers, a row of cutting sunflowers in a variety of colors and sizes, and a few herbs.





Right now the boxes are all full of summer flowers, but this fall I plan on planting 4 English roses, 100 daffodil bulbs, and a whole row of sweetpeas!

I thought that three boxes would be plenty but I’m already daydreaming about three more.  A girl needs room to plant flowers!  So many more types of cutting flowers that I’d like to grow… more dahlias, bells of Ireland, amaranth, hollyhocks, iceland poppies, a small hoop-house for peonies… {sigh}

Maybe someday



5 thoughts on “Sub-par Vegetable Gardener

  1. Annie

    I sighed in envy over your gardens passed. And I sighed in despair that I don’t live close enough to receive said buckets of sunflowers or to deliver buckets of pink peonies to you. Dang.
    I fully endorse you planting all the flowers you can!

  2. Shannon

    You go flower girl. Everything green that I touch turns brown so I’m moving in beside you so that I’m first in line for that bucket of lovlies! :)

  3. Shanda

    You’ve found your calling in the gardening world! I wonder where this will take you? Perhaps a darling roadside stand? Can’t wait to see this story continued. xo

  4. Jenny K.

    oh my, I am about converted. I used to have a whole garden of flowers, and people would say, “don’t you grow vegetables?” Now we do the veggies in the community garden plot, and I sneak in a few flowers :) But I love the buckets full approach!! I think quilts and flowers feed that same point of beauty. The color!

    1. April Post author

      I agree Jenny! Quilts and flowers are all about color and texture, two things I love to play with!


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