We Wander around the Garden

My computer broke.

Just like that.

One minute we were humming right along, and the next it was spiraling towards a slow death.  My husband resurrected my photos and a handful of my favorite sewing patterns, but it was time to move on.  He also bought me a shiny new computer.  It’s turquoise.  The trouble was, I didn’t want to take the time to get to know my shiny new turquoise computer.  So I drug my feet.  But our summer was so full of good things I didn’t want to let it slip by without writing about it.

So here we are again and I hardly know were to begin.  Sometimes I try to squeeze everything into one big, fat catch-up post, but that will not do this time.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be filling in the spaces but tonight that feels like a big task.  Instead I think I’ll ease in slowly.

The cutting garden is growing.  After dinner is the perfect time to wander around in it.  Especially with a little one who’s been known to nibble on unsuspecting dahlias.  Who likes to sink her pudgy fingers into the moist dirt and drink from the garden hose.

The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard

We are so flush with flowers right now that we put them everywhere. Bouquets in the bathroom, next to the stack of books by my bed, on the kitchen window sill… basically any flat surface in the house.

The cutting garden | Inanorchard

The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard

The zinnias have bloomed beautifully this year.  Unfortunately I planted much smaller varieties than I had intended (seed shopping with 4 children can be distracting).

The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard

The dahlias have been such a treat.  They are on the tail-end of their blooming.  Most of my large white dinner plate dahlias have come and gone.

The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard

The cosmos decided to be finicky this year.  They played hard to get, but I wooed them in the end.

The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard

Just when I was about to give up and turn them into mulch; little buds appeared at the tips of the new growth.  Looks like I’ll be picking cosmos clear into September… not a bad thing.The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard


The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard


These little Bachelor Buttons were my favorites!  So easy to please.  Bloomed straight away and the little pops of blue looked amazing in every bouquet.  You my friend are getting a much bigger part in next year’s garden… especially if the cosmos decide to be divas again.

The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard


The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard


Good night friends.  See you again soon


9 thoughts on “We Wander around the Garden

  1. Jeanette Kauffman

    WOW. Your lighting, your raised beds, the flowers………….. OK, I’LL SAY IT. I am jealous. I do not have a green thumb and I cannot keeps my beds weeded either. I cannot even imagine having all the gorgeousness at my fingertips to set about the home. Your blog is a gift to the world. Keep blogging!!

  2. Elizabeth

    I LOVE your gardens! This year I have been a little more lazy about my gardens….and I didn’t plant many flowers. We do however grow them at the farm! So I can still enjoy a bunch on my table. :)
    Love your little flower helper….I can’t believe how big she’s getting. She is so super adorable.
    Glad you are getting to know your new turquoise computer. ;)
    Happy Day to you my lovely friend April.

  3. Christy

    Oh, your flowers are so pretty. When I was a teenager we planted many of these same flowers every year and I would cut bouquets all summer long to place all over the house. Seeing your flowers brings back such good memories for me. It is amazing how just a few fresh blooms can transform a room from meh to !!. :) It’s funny that the cosmos are being slow. I thought they were normally easy to grow. And while the flowers are pretty, Pearl in the garden is obviously the real darling here. :)

  4. Shanda

    Such beauty and calm in your words and pictures, April. I know, I know, its hard to keep up with blogs, but PLEASE!! read my post that I did yesterday on August 4, about Leslie’s lilies, I think you will enjoy the quotes from Les Mis that I added, about flowers.

  5. Jenny

    A baby and flowers…bliss!! Love your mix of bright blooms. I am jealous, but in the “I am happy you have them” sort of way :) When we had a backyard garden I would put blooms everywhere too. The bathroom was a favorite place!

  6. Clarita

    Oh, these flowers are just GORGEOUS!! I am going to mark this post and try to plant some of the same flowers next year. I am not a green thumb at all, but perhaps with the vision of these beautiful flowers I can be willing to try a little harder. :) The lighting, the raised beds, the little girl wandering in and out… It is all so dreamy and perfect! Like Jenny said, your blog is a gift to the world. Truly. I’m always so excited when I see a new post from you. :) xoxo
    p.s. computer probs here too. no fun.

  7. Michelle

    These pictures are absolutely dreamy! I’ve planted far fewer flowers this year which may be just as we’ll since the deer are stripping everything including my rose bush! I hope they hurt their mouths in the process. :) I’ve never planted bachelor buttons but they look adorable. I’ll have to try them next year.

  8. Maribeth

    Love it! Wee bit jealous here. Enjoy those lovely blooms, best way to decorate a house and cheer up a day! >> love your blogging: so candid and sweet, very much like you :)


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