Tuesday December 9, 2008

First I must say; this fun morning was made possible by my mom who watched the boys all morning so I could play with the girls.

Aunt Karen invited Claudine and I to her house this morning for a yummy breakfast and a fun craft project.  Karen visits a lot of really neat craft blogs and web sites, and she came across some pictures of wreaths made out of yarn.  I know that sounds a little strange but they are really fun, funky wreaths. 

So we brought all of our supplies (yarn, styrofoam wreaths, little odds and ends) and put together Christmas wreaths.  I wish I would have brought my camera to show you pictures of the wreaths Aunt Karen had made for her house, they were really great.  I was surprised at how easily it came together.  I’m anxious to make another one!

Mine turned out a little more fomal looking than I originally envisioned.  I would like to make my next wreath more playful and funky.  Still, I’m very pleased with the end result.

As requested; pictures of the happy snowmen hanging in the playroom, and the snowflakes in the window.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday December 9, 2008

  1. PolkaDotAlot

    Great creativity going on here…that almost looks fun enough for me to try one!  Thanks for sharing!  Was nice to see you a little tonight…hope your feeling good and all!

  2. periwinklecurls


    I love seeing people’s creativity…and then wondering how they had time to pull it off!  =)  It’s so fun to create something beautiful or just “funky”, like you said. In fact….it’s healthy. Makes you feel like you’ve really accomplished something.


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