Monday December 8, 2008

Our house is looking cozy and festive.  I love getting out the Christmas decorations and filling the house with bright colors and lights.  It’s funny how in one short month I am equally ready to put everything away and have a clutter free, organized house again (at least for a while).

The boys and I have been making green and red paper chains, hanging paper snowflakes in the windows, and building snowmen out of construction paper.  Isn’t it funny how you set out to do something fun with your children, and it ends up being a real test of your patience.  Craft projects are a little chaotic at this stage in our life and I have to stop and remind myself that the experience is as important as the end result!


We ventured out this weekend and picked out our Christmas tree.  We passed lots of really big, expensive trees, but they were completely thrilled with the 4 foot tree we came home with.  Going through the ornament box seemed to be the most exciting part of the evening.

Hot chocolate and mini marsh mellows were a new experience for them.  Needless to say they’re now big fans.

Daddy let them have cookies with their hot chocolate.  This little guy quickly figured out how to dunk his cookies.  Some things you just don’t need to teach a child!

4 thoughts on “Monday December 8, 2008

  1. JessiLeighB

    What an example you are… Could you teach me how to get the tree off the front porch? I am afraid it will never make it in… : )  Gavin needs to come over and get crafty because heaven knows, I couldn’t do it for the world! : ) 

  2. Shaniqua777

    We are doing the same things right now at preschool!! Fun times!! It gets hectic, but remembering that its not the product that is important….but the process. Kids won’t remember the actual “thing” they made, but the experience, time, conversation and fun moments that were put into those projects are what matter. :)  What a fun mom they have! I agree…put up some fotos ;) Merry Christmas!!


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