Wrapping up the year

InanorchardChristmas was everything it should be.  Excited children, freezing nights, family gatherings, and our little family hunkered down together.  No school, no week night obligations, Justin was home with us the entire Christmas break.



This marks the first year the children actually got up early on Christmas morning.  Christmas Eve night is always spent at Grandpa and Grandma W’s house, with the aunts, uncles and cousins.  It is usually a late night so the children typically sleep in on Christmas morning.  Not this time…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They were still plenty sleepy, but not too sleepy to open presents at the crack of dawn.inanorchard Dexter wasn’t so sure about this getting-up-early-business OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The gifts were opened in rapid fashion.  They were all so genuinely pleased with their presents!  The boys one-and-only gift from us was an Xbox and a Minecraft game. Somehow we managed to completely surprise them.  It was so fun to see the dawning realization slide over their faces, and the excited hopping up and down in the living room.Inanorchard

Breakfast was our traditional braided black berry coffee cake with bacon.Inanorchard

After all the clutter had been cleared away and the kitchen cleaned up, I stood by the sink finishing the last of the breakfast dishes.  Christmas carols drifted through the house, the girls played happily with their new dolls, all my fellas were all in the living room trying out the Xbox; it was one of those rare moments when you recognize exactly how sweet a moment is before it becomes a memory. Inanorchard


This guy celebrated his 8th birthday the day after Christmas.  We had a pirate birthday party complete with a treasure hunt!

We decked the kitchen out with streamers and party fans (party fans are pirate-y, right?).  Inanorchard

They made their own small treasure chests and filled them with gold pieces.inanorchard

Justin organized a series of Nerf gun challenges.  Inanorchard

Miss E watcher from her perch on the back porch.Inanorchard


And this is what birthday party after-math looks likeInanorchard

And these two right here, they kind of melt me…Inanorchard

The year finished up quietly at our house.

Our New Year’s celebrations included a home-made Carnitas taco feast at home, playing Yahtzee, starting a jigsaw puzzles, eating Pizookies that Daddy made from scratch, and watching movies until midnight.  We ran out onto the porch in the freezing air, set off our party poppers, whooped and hollered, and quickly ushered the kiddos to bed.

Hope your new year is looking lovely my friends,   April


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up the year

  1. Susan

    Lovely! Happy Birthday, G! It’s not easy to have your birthday so close to Christmas but your Mommy made it very special for you.


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