The Week that Was

Pictures from our week and a few words to go with them:

InanorchardThe week started off perfectly when the cousins called and invited us to a picnic and hike in the foothills


It’s January, but it felt like a spring day.  The children did what they do best; run and scamper over boulders, laughing an hollering at each other.Inanorchard

Cousin-friends; born only 11 days apartInanorchard

The “peace-fingers” just never get old.  Oh wait. It does get old.  Real old.Inanorchard


We had Nerf gun wars in the back yard complete with trenches and enemy linesInanorchard

There were baby ticklesInanorchard

And art projectsInanorchard

After dinner electronic projects with DadInanorchard

In the span of 24 hours we went from this…Inanorchard

…to this {can you believe this is the exact same view?}

The fog is so thick and it hasn’t burned off in days.

I some how managed to squeeze in quite a bit of sewing time this week {more on that later}Inanorchard


No weekly thought to leave you with at the end of this post, only an excerpt from Stuart Little (which I am currently reading to Miss E in the evenings).

This quote is from the chapter where Stuart Little becomes a substitute teacher for a day, and decides to teach the students what is really important in life:

“Very good,” said Stuart, cocking one leg across the other and shoving his hands in the pockets of his jacket. “Henry Rackmeyer, you tell us what is important”

“A shaft of sunlight at the end of a dark afternoon, a note in music, and the way the back of a baby’s neck smell if its mother keeps it tidy,” answered Henry.

“Correct,” said Stuart. “Those are the important things…”

I like the way Stuart thinks

One thought on “The Week that Was

  1. Shannon

    Beautiful pictures. I love the baby tickles and the Art project. The landscape is amazing in it’s contrast. The sewing project makes me wish I had your know-how for things like that. :) May your weekend be wonderful!


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