For the love of little sewing

Last week the sewing room was covered in sewing projects for the girls, but with so many little ones being born this winter and spring, it was time to set all that aside and start sewing for babies.

Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

Making things for my own babies is what made me first fall in love with sewing. I never mind having an excuse to sew for babies, it feels like coming home again.  It brings back all those sweet (and not too distant) memories of having a newborn in the house and all the little things that go with those tiny beings.

My very first sewing project as a mommy was making bibs for my oldest son.  Over the years I’ve used many different bib patterns, types of fabric, and fasteners.

This is my current favorite.  I’ve made Miss P a small pile of these bibs.  It’s a free downloadable bib pattern from Darling DexterSewing for baby | Inanorchard

These two were my attempt at making gender neutral bibs.  I’m not very good at gender neutral.  They tend to all come out a little masculine looking.  These are both made from “vintage” Amy Butler farics.  I’ve had these in my fabric stash for 9 years now.  Amy Butler’s beautiful fabric lines were another reason I fell in love with sewing. Sewing for baby | Inanorchard

There are lots of ways to make a simple project look special.  Small ribbon tags, top-stitching, lovely fabric, and vintage buttons.Sewing for baby | Inanorchard

These bibs are backed with super soft cream Minki fabric.  I like having soft things to put on my babies.

This small diaper clutch is another project I like to make for friends.  It’s  free tutorial from a sewing blog I absolutely love, Noodlehead.  Ana has long been one of my favorite sewing bloggers and her tutorials are hands down, the best.

Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

I used more of my Amy Butler fabric and paired it with some natural linen-blend fabric.  I like using a soft color pallet when I’m sewing for newborns.

Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

The diaper clutch is such a quick sew, and it’s easy to get an assembly line going and make 2 or 3 in an afternoon.  What mom doesn’t need a pretty diaper holder to keep unruly diapers from taking over the diaper bag?  It’s a must.  When you pair the clutch with several bibs, you’ve got the perfect baby shower gift.
Sewing for baby | Inanorchard

Embellished onesies also make a great gift.  It’s a simple thing to do, but babies live in onesies for the first few months of their lives, they might as well be fun. There are so many clever ways to dress up a plain white onesie.  Just do a Pinterest search, and you’ll be scrolling for hours.Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

One of my favorite ways to embellish a onesie is using stamps and fabric paint.Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

I’ll give you a quick walk through:

Before I begin any sewing project I pre-wash and dry all my fabric and onesies

1. Start with some solid, light-colored fabric.  I’m using the same natural linen-blend I used to make the bibs and the clutch.  Brush your favorite stamp with a light, even layer of fabric paint, and stamp it onto the fabric.Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

2. Trace a 1/2 inch boarder around the image and cut out.Sewing for baby | Inanorchard

3. Use your iron to heat set the images.  You do this by turning the iron up to its highest heat setting and holding it on the fabric for a few moments.Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

4. Then use the iron to fold under a 1/4 inch of the fabric on all sides.Sewing for Baby | Inanorchard

5. Pin the fabric carefully to the front of the onesie and sew around the edge.  Make sure you keep the stitching close to the edge of the fabric.  Because the onesies are so small (especially the NB size), sewing the patch on can be a little tricky.  Just take your time.  Keep checking the underside to make sure you aren’t catching the back of the shirt in the stitching.Sewing for baby | Inanorchard

In the space of a few hours you can make a half dozen little shirts.  Sometimes I make a stack and keep them in the sewing room to use as last minute baby gifts.
Sewing for baby | Inanorchard

If, my friends, you have been tempted to take up sewing as a hobby (and I highly recommend it), these baby projects are a great place to start!  The bib is an especially good place to start.  The pattern is free, the sewing skills required are basic, and if the button and buttonhole scare you, just do what I did when I was first making them… use extra strong Velcro.  You can do this!  And the pleasure you get from seeing your little one in something you made especially for them, is a great feeling!



3 thoughts on “For the love of little sewing


    Hello from a Pinterest “friend” :-) I’m wondering if you’d mind sharing where you bought your “double v” stamp. Absolutely love the onesies- ALL of them!

    1. April Post author

      Heather! So sweet of you to stop by!! The double v stamp is one I made using fun foam, super glue, and a block of wood.


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