Saturday September 19, 2009

It’s not really gardening.

When I think about gardening I envision mowing a patch of green grass, trimming some hedges, and pulling small weeds out of the flower beds.

Yard work at my house is more like; “extreme gardening”.  The weeds are as tall as I am and the lawn is a half an acre of weeds, mole hills, and pot holes.

I went to check the mail but I couldn’t find the mailbox for all of the tumble weeds and over-grown sunflowers.  I decided I should probably do something about that, so I went out this morning to tame and conquer!

We’ve only been country folk for a little while so farm equipment is a bit thin on the ground around here.

But we make do…

This is my version of a tractor/trailer set up.  It’s a tarp that I pile with weeds and drag to the back side of the property.

This is kind of silly.

Something I should have out-grown by now…

…but as I’m working I imagine that I’m like the frontier women of the old west.  Battling the elements and wilderness to carve out a home from 40 acres of untamed land.  Okay so it’s really just 3 acres on the outskirts of town, and I’m usually in my ball cap, with my cell phone in my back pocket and a camera slung on my hip… but it helps pass the time.  Am I the only one who does that?

She’s a good little companion.  Content to sit in the wagon with her sunhat and sunscreen on; watching me work and trying to grab Riley’s tail as he walks by.

They don’t realize it but their days of sitting on the porch while I work are numbered.

After I mowed the 2 foot tall weeds that is our front yard; I was looking forward to drinking the water bottle I had put in the frig earlier that morning.  That’s when I saw my oldest son standing on the porch calling my name and trying to show me something he had in his hands.  As I got closer I discovered that he had picked me some flowers (weeds).  He went into the kitchen and got my water bottle out and used it as a vase for the flowers (weeds) he had picked for me.  It’s at moments like that you realize the importance of being gracious.  He obviously wanted to do something nice for me… but I really wanted that bottle of water.  I patted him on the head and thanked him; then went inside and drank a nice big glass of lukewarm tap water.

(my camera was on the wrong setting so I didn’t get a good picture of him)

 Filthy hardly describes what we look like after a day of yard work, and pictures really don’t capture the extent of our filthiness.


A bath was in order.

Now for a nice long shower and a comfy chair to sit in!

5 thoughts on “Saturday September 19, 2009

  1. periwinklecurls

    Not sure if you saw us honk & wave…..but you were definitely inspiring! We saw you on the way into town…(attacking the sunflowers) and on the way home…mowing the grass.  You inspired me…and since we’d bombed our house, we spent the afternoon outside attacking our yard as well.

    Love the pics!

  2. H0LDfast

    (not that i don’t like your other posts! as soon as i typed that it sounded bad . . . )
    i like you. your posts. your kids. your yard. your good mother qualities giving up the cold water – points for you!


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