Spring Sewing

As I was scrolling through the last few months of pictures, I realized I had quite a backlog of sewing projects that I’ve never posted about.  So this is going to be a mash-up of all the projects I done over that last 3 months or more.  It’s going to be a little hodgepodge, a little this and that… hope you don’t mind.

I made the girls their first matching dresses. I used my favorite pattern, the Geranium Dress Pattern, using the cap-sleeved version.  The bodice is made from a lovely yellow dot fabric I found and Joann’s, and the skirt is made from a vintage sheet I bought at a thrift store.  I initially bought the vintage sheet to make pillows for Miss E’s daybed, but when I saw how perfect the dotted fabric looked with the vintage floral pattern, I couldn’t resist making the girls dresses.

Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

It’s not easy to get pictures of these two!Spring Sewing | Inanorhcard

I recently bought an Oliver + S, Jump Rope pattern.  I loved this skirt pattern, with its unique pockets and buttons down the front.  Miss E loves her Simple Skirts, but I wanted to have a skirt pattern that was more professional looking.  Something that could be worn to church and not just another play skirt.

Spring Sewing | Inanorhcard

The fabric is Robert Kaufman’s Dot Chambray In Indigo.  It is lovely in every way.  It’s that classic Chambray color with small white dots woven in.  The fabric texture is soft and light, perfect for a summer skirt.Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

I wanted to snap a couple of pictures of Miss E wearing the skirt but she was too busy making silly faces at her brothers, who were standing just out of the shot.  Miss P wanted to get in on the action as well.Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

She also got yet another Simple Skirt for wearing to school and playing outside.  Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

These Simple Skirts are still her favorite.  Of all the things I have made her, those little cotton skirts get worn more than any other article of clothing (store bought or mamma made).Spring Sewing | InanorchardI also had fun making a few Onesies for my dear friend’s newborn son.Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

They’re always a fun and satisfying project.

Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

I spent an afternoon making a big stack of burp clothes for friends.
Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

Miss P got another Charlie Tunic dress.  This pattern has been a great play dress for Miss P.

Spring Sewing | Inanorhcard

I also made a set of coordinating “sister skirts” for a friend’s darling daughters.

Spring Sewing | Inanorhcard

I have slowly but surely been teaching myself to sew with knit fabrics.  My girls love wearing knit dresses, and you really can’t beat cotton knit for comfort and ease of care.  There is however, a pretty steep learning curve for sewing with knit fabric.  It’s taken me a while to figure out a system that works for me.  I use a combination of my serger and a stretch double needle for hemming and necklines.  So far I have a love/hate relationship with double-needles.  When they work, they’re amazing! When they don’t… let’s just say tears are shed and swear words muttered under my breath.  Also, do you know how awful it sounds when you break your double needle (which it has a tendency to do)??  It makes a horrible sound, and it feels like your machine is going to shatter into a million pieces!

Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

This pattern is The Skater Dress by Kitschy-Coo (which it seems is not available for sale right now).  I’ve made three for Miss E so far.  It’s a great pattern with excellent instructions!  The sizes seem to run large though.  I ended up making Miss E a size 4, lengthened to a size 5, which smaller than I usually make.

Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

This yellow/floral version was her favorite.  She wore it every time is was clean.

Spring Sewing | Inanorchard

I also made this little sleeper as a gift for my friend’s newborn daughter.  It’s a free pattern.  I love the way it turned out, but it was a struggle to make.  The neckline and wrist bands were the difficult parts.  Keeping that little neck and wrist bands from stretching out and warping was a challenge.  In fact, I ended up scrapping the first sleeper I made and starting over!  I was so determined to see this one through to the end, and have the finished product I envisioned.  It was a good learning experience, albeit VERY frustrating.

Spring Sewing | InanorchardThat’s all for the moment, but I’m currently in the middle of making myself a few skirts.  I’m learning how to put in an invisible zipper.  Actually, truthfully, I’m in the middle of removing my first invisible zipper from a skirt I’m making.  Also, I plan to make Miss E several versions of Dana’s First Day Dress pattern.  Hopefully I can post about those projects soon!

Thanks for stopping by and making it to the end of this patched-together post

4 thoughts on “Spring Sewing

  1. Jessica

    Adorable, makes me want to go fabric shopping and start whipping out skirts for the girls! Love your ideas…..I need to check out done of those patterns.

  2. Janna Kasza

    Thank you so much for the sleeper!! I absolutly loved it!! And Renee loves sleeping with her teddy bear!!


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