This Week in the Garden

The Garden | Inanorchard

There have been some changes in the garden this month. Big changes!  I have grass growing around my flowerbeds!  Gorgeous, green, soft, lovely grass.  Which officially makes my little cutting garden the prettiest spot in the Western Hemisphere.  Not really.  Just in my mind.

The Garden | Inanorchard

A friend of ours just finished laying sod in his backyard.  He texted Justin saying he had leftover sod that we could have if we wanted to haul it off.  In one hour my powdery dirt paths where transformed!  I won’t even tell you how much time I spend just staring at it.  Now when I water in the morning my feet don’t get covered in mud!

The Garden | Inanorchard

The summer flowers are doing wonderfully.  Everything I planted has come up and is thriving.  It will still be 3 or 4 weeks before I start getting blooms from the summer flowers but my roses and sweet peas are still providing small bouquets for the house.The Garden | Inanorchard

This little one is always by my side when I work in the garden.  She has her own little watering can, which she mostly uses to get muddy from her blond head all the way down to her tiny toes.The Garden | Inanorchard

The Garden | Inanorchard

I thought my sweet peas where just about to fade for the season.  The blooms had all been picked and for weeks there were no new buds to be seen.  Suddenly in just the last week the vines are covered with a second flush of sweet pea buds.The garden | Inanorchard

My dahlias are still just wee little things, with the exception of the mammoth dahlia in the back corner.  That plant is one of the few I left in from last season and it’s huge!  The stalks are like trunks and it’s covered in blooms.  The rest were newly planted this year and are taking their sweet time growing.The Garden | Inanorchard

The sweet peas and English roses have been gorgeous!  I fill all my wide-mouth jars with them and place them around the house.  Occasionally an arrangement will find it’s way to a friend’s house as well.  I really would like to plant twice as many sweet peas next year.  This year’s crop has been lovely but I’d like to get more blooms with longer stems. The Garden  | Inanorchard

I love the way these bundles of sweet peas make the house smell.
The Garden | Inanorchard

So here is the cutting garden progress so far-

March 2015The Cutting Garden | Inanorchard

April 2015In the garden | Inanorchard

May 2015The Cutting Garden | InanorchardI love all the green in the garden but I cannot wait so see some color in those beds!

Goodnight my friends, see you very soon



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