To Happy Endings

Even though we are already 2 weeks into summer vacation I couldn’t dive into summer posting without saying a few words about our school year.  And if there was a word I could use to sum up this year it would be above all other words; grateful.  So grateful.

To Happy Endings | InanorchardTo Happy Endings | Inanorchard

These women who we call teachers who are also friends, mentors, cheerleaders, teammates,… they have blessed our lives.

To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

How much they grow in just one school year.

To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

This was the three of them at the beginning of the school year, fresh-faced and eager with just a little nervousness around the edges.

To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

My little kindergartner at the beginning of school.

Miss E and our beloved Mrs B on the very last day.

To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

On the very last day of kindergarten Mrs. B gathers her students around for the traditional releasing of the butterflies.  These are butterflies that the children have watched transition from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly.  As she releases them she explains to the children that all things must change and grow.  Even kindergartners.  We aren’t meant to stay in one place, no matter how much we love it, because new and exciting things are ahead.

To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

What can I say about Mrs. B?  What words can I use to express the preciousness of this woman?  I have entrusted each of my three oldest children into her care.  They have all grown and blossomed under her steady, tender guidance.  Each of them have a folder I have saved from their kindergarten year, and in it are all the beautiful projects Mrs. B had done with each of them. They are some of my most prized possessions.

To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA To Happy Endings | Inanorchard

What do I say about Mrs B?  The woman who I love as a friend, look up to as a mentor, the woman who has loved each of my children, who opened up the world to them and turned their young hearts to the Lord.  I could say “thank you” a million times and it would not be enough.

To Happy Endings | InanorchardAll I can say now is “No retiring Mrs B until after Miss P done with kindergarten!!”

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