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When Justin arranged for me to tag-along with him for his annual work review at Stanford University, I was beyond thrilled!  It’s always hard to get away from home; find a place for the kids to stay, someone to check on the dog. How will the garden and the pumpkin patch get watered?  It’s so tempting to just say “Never mind, it’s easier if I just stay home”.  But I’m so glad I didn’t!

Being a tag-along wife is a different experience than just going on vacation with your husband.  It’s so… luxurious.  That’s the word I wold use to describe it.  Glorious alone time, paired with meeting up with the love-of-my-life at the end of each day; it all adds up to the perfect holiday.

I picked Justin up from work Monday afternoon and we decided on a whim to have dinner in Halfmoon Bay.  After dinner he looked at me and said “Do you want to go to Santa Cruz for coffee and dessert?”   Yes. Yes I do.  So we took the winding road down the coast and ended up in Santa Cruz right at dusk.  We walked through the downtown streets under the lights of the shops, we sipped coffee and shared a dessert.  It didn’t matter that we didn’t get back to the hotel until well after 11:00 that night because there would be no little voices waking us in the morning.  Well, Justin had to get up for meetings but I got to sleep in ;)

I got up slowly the next morning, hung the “do not disturb” sign on the door, and took my sweet time getting ready.  Fortuitously, there was a Starbucks right in the parking lot of the hotel, so I had my breakfast there each morning.

First up on the “do what ever I would like” schedule: Filoli Gardens

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard I’ve visited the gardens in the past but it’s been close to 11 years since I’ve been able to get back.  I spent hours there, just walking down every path, looking in every nook, taking more pictures than any sane person should take of flowers :)  I took the 2 hour tour of the gardens and house, I strolled back to the cafe. I sipped my grape soda and ate my ham and swiss sandwich is beautiful silence, and then I headed back to the garden for more.

Tag- Along wife | Inanorchard


Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard

I’m hoping to do a whole post on the gardens but I will save that for another day…

Tag-along wife | Inanorchard

Next up was the Stanford Shopping Center.  Such a beautiful place to shop!  I stopped at any store I felt like and looked at every.little.thing.  I didn’t walk by the crowded sales racks, I stood and looked through them all.  I nearly bought the piggy salt and pepper shakers at Crate & Barrel but opted for the darling green metal seed box instead.

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard

Of course all that shopping can make a girl peckish so I treated myself to a fancy cupcake and a glass of cold milk.

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard

Late that afternoon I went back to the hotel to wait for Justin.  He was stuck in a meeting so I piled up all the pillows and watched The Food Network…in the middle of the day!

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard

He finally escaped his meetings and we headed downtown for gourmet burgers and micro-brew beer.

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard

Of course we brought dessert back with us…

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard


It was only two days and two nights, but it’s amazing what a little time away can do for one’s moral.  And of course, one of the best things about leaving, is knowing I will come home to these sweet faces who love me so dearly; as I love them.

Tag-along Wife | Inanorchard

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