Tuesday January 25, 2011

We spent the week in a happy cabin, tucked back into the mountains, playing, sledding, sleeping, exploring and eating jelly beans.  Big vacations with big exciting destinations are fun, but I love these lazy, time-standing-still, soak-up-every-sweet-moment, kind of vacations.

Before we even left I knew it was going to be a great trip.

The “Cinnamon Roll Fairy” made a delivery to our door step the morning we left.  It’s a little known fact but the Cinnamon Roll Fairy is actually a bearded man who goes by the name of Simeon.

Naturally, being on vacation means having special treats around.

The first morning at the cabin she wandered out the front door in her p.j’s and plopped down under the pine trees.

We spent a morning in Murphys playing in the park and having a picnic.

The long twisty slide was a big hit.

This is the beautiful little creek that flows through downtown Murphys and skirts the edge of the park.  Perfect for skipping and tossing rocks.

Several mornings we got our snow gear on and headed 15 minutes further up the mountain for some snow.

We’ve taken the boys to the snow when they were younger but this year they enjoyed it to the fullest.  Sledding, snowballs, snow angels, tasting the snow… they loved it all!

Eliza enjoyed the sledding but wasn’t crazy about the snow.  She’s not a great all-terrain baby; a little unsteady on the feet.

She was happy to sit on her perch eating black licorice and crackers.

I did a lot of this; pulling sleds up the hill.  In fact I carried more sleds up the hill than I rode down on.

Little boy heaven!

We also spent and afternoon exploring Historic Columbia

It was a gorgeous day.  Every thing was bathed in a golden light.  The outcrop of rocks around Columbia proved to be an ideal place for the kids to run, climb, and explore.

The one thing that didn’t happen consistently while we were away was nap time.  The all did great for the most part but every once in a while baby girl would just wilt.

Of course it wouldn’t be a relaxing trip without my sewing machine.  Our car was packed to the roof but Justin made sure to fit my sewing things in.

Each set of grandparents came and stayed one night each with us at the cabin.  Grandma W brought the most delicious dinner and shopped in Sonora with Eliza and I, while Grandpa W. and the guys went golfing.  My parents came up at the end of the week, stayed the night, and help us pack up the next day.

My Dad taught Jude how to play checkers.

We certainly did lots of relaxing, but as always, at the end of a long trip… home feels so sweet.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday January 25, 2011

  1. Shaniqua777

    Those cinnamon rolls look heavenly. What a wonderful week away. Everyone looks happy and relaxed. THATS a good way to spend vacations. What great parents you guys have. How fun for everyone!

  2. celebration_of_life

    Looks like the cinn. roll fairy also has a variety store in his spare time:) I have never noticed that sign…

    Sounds like a wonderful week! As kids we loved going to a cabin during the winter…

    Happy Tuesday Friend!


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