In the Garden {October}

In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

I really didn’t intend to do another garden post this year.  Usually September marks the end of my garden’s growing season.  The long hot summer takes it’s toll on all the plants, the flowers go to seed, powdery mildew sets in, my diligence with pest control tapers off, until it becomes abundantly clear that the garden has given it’s all. In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

But not this year.  This little garden just keeps on giving. The cosmos that spent the entire summer looking like nothing more than huge green bushes, have suddenly burst with color.  They have taken over the garden patch.  I love their wild, carefree look.  I love how delicate their petals look at sundown.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

They have even crept into the pumpkin patch.  The girls and I bring in armloads of them.  Last Saturday we drove the length of our road dropping bouquets off with all our friends and neighbors.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

The raised boxes got a good tidying up last weekend.  All the remaining zinnias were pulled and the unruly English roses were pruned back.  My lavender and lamb’s ear got cut way back.  In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

The dahlias are just loving this cooler weather.  The blooms have gotten smaller but the colors are amazing.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

The more we pick the more buds spring up.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

In the Garden | Inanorchard

These are the colors that are dominate in the garden right now.  In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

Miss E loves the amaranth and she will often leave jars full of them throughout the house. In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

All summer the amaranth was a washed out pink and the leaves were a bright spring green.  This last month they have turned a deep, striking fuchsia color.   The vein patterns in the leaves are suddenly so distinct, and the very tips of the leaves are edged in a soft pink color.  Amazing what cool nights and a few bursts of rain can do for a garden.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

These dahlias are another flower that have been transformed by the cooler temperatures.  The once bright pink petals have turned to a deep (at times almost black) color.  It looks so striking next to all the other flowers.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

The rows of sunflowers, amaranth, and orange cosmos that I pulled out at the end of August have reseeded themselves.  They are mingling together in the prettiest, most random way.  I’ve never had so many flower options so late in the season.  It really has been fun to watch the garden transform and take on a personality of it’s own.  The birds are loving this small haven.  I’m not much of a bird watcher, but I can’t help but feel fond of all the sparrows, swallows, and finches that seem to be as pleased with my garden as I am.In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

There are still pumpkins to be found out in the patch.  They are hiding; tucked away under giant leaves.
In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

The last of the pumpkin crop I get to keep!  So I’ve piled them up on all the porches and steps. They look so cheerful sitting there.  I’m hoping to harvest some seeds from the remainder of the pumpkins, just trying to cut down our pumpkin seed costs for next year’s patch.

Perhaps this will be the final garden post of the year but who knows?  If the first hard frost holds off, we might have flowers for a while yet!
In the Garden {October} | Inanorchard

4 thoughts on “In the Garden {October}

  1. jenny

    Be still my heart. Beautiful, just beautiful. I’m with you and the birds, I would love all the flowers, and the pumpkins are like icing on an already over the top cake :)
    I need to go buy sweet pea seeds and get them in!

  2. Elizabeth

    I love your flower gardens. I say every year that I am going to copy you and I don’t. But next year..NEXT YEAR!!! I will have a cutting garden too and I will even dedicate a portion to you….growing in honor of April. ;) Your flowers are pretty.

    The pumpkins…love them!

    Every year Jeff and the boys would have a pumpkin smashing festival where the pumpkins grow. Throw them up in the air…hit them with a baseball bat.
    The following spring…. pumpkin plants would sprout up! I never had to plant and it was always a surprise as to which pumpkin would bloom and grow. The past two years I haven’t grown pumpkins and gourds…we’ll see about next year. ;)

    1. April Post author

      Elizabeth you bring a smile to my face!! I can’t wait to see pictures of you and Frankie in your summer cutting garden :) The year that Pearl was an infant I didn’t grow a single.thing. Babies and labor intensive jobs just don’t mix!


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