November in a Nutshell

November | InanorchardHazy phone pictures are all I have to offer for the entire month of November.  My trusty red camera never made it out of it’s case.  Lots of coming and going this month, which means the convenience of my camera phone trumped having quality digital photos.

We started out the month with a quick trip to see my folks in Oregon.  We enjoyed seeing their new home in a small country town, spend our days and nights being with them and getting much needed Grammy and Grandpa time.

November | Inanorchard

The fall leaves were stunning

November | Inanorchard

We ate breakfast at the local restaurant/ice cream parlor November | Inanorchard

Wandered the streets of their small townNovember | Inanorchard

Collected leavesNovember | InanorchardAntique shopping down a picturesque main street.

November | Inanorchard

There were bike rides at dusk, and sad goodbyes but we’re looking forward to more trips to Oregon!November | Inanorchard

We came home to a small second crop of pumpkins.
November | Inanorchard

Art projects at the kitchen tableNovember | Inanorchard

Stacks of library books and reading with daddy in the big bed

November | Inanorchard

Our plan to take a family trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium abruptly changed when sickness descended on the house.
November | Inanorchard

I took G and Miss E to the aquarium with Grandpa and Grandma W and the cousins…November | Inanorchard

…while Justin stayed home with this poor guy and Miss P.
November | InanorchardThe sewing room was a very busy place this month but not the usual kind of busy. It was covered with craft projects instead (maybe more on that later)November | Inanorchard

This is were the children end up when Daddy is watching Sunday night football on the tv… all piled on my bed watching Chip and Dale cartoons on a tiny screen.
November | Inanorchard

We spent Thanksgiving at Dad and Mom W’s eating, putting together puzzles, shooting clay pigeons, eating some more, throwing the football around, dozing on the couch, and topping the day off with at trip to the cinema to watch The Peanuts Movie.
November | Inanorchard

This month we read and loved these books-

Which you can purchase on Amazon


The Sign of the Beaver was recommended by a friend and the whole family loved this story!

My friends…it’s December!  I’m looking forward to cozy evenings, paper snowflakes, many rousing renditions of Jingle Bells, children checking off days on the calendar, advent stories read by an old friend, wreaths on the door, and foggy mornings.

What does December bring for you and your family?


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