December Brought…

Christmas brings | Inanorchard

….an uncommonly tidy house.  It didn’t happen by itself.  The house-tidy-up-fairy didn’t come; I spent the days following Thanksgiving scrubbing, dusting, chiseling, sorting, and giving the whole house a giant and much needed freshen-up.  The clean house lasted a record breaking 4 hours, and in that time I brought the two boxes of Christmas decorations in from the shed, and made the house look festive.
Christmas brings | Inanorchard

The kiddos helped me make some coffee filter snowflakes for the back door windows.  They look so pretty with the afternoon sun shining through them.
Christmas brings | Inanorchard

I replaced the orange polka-dot curtains with something more Christmas-y.  The bottle brush Christmas trees have been lined up and Miss P can hardly keep her little hands off of them.  ”Mamma, can I have the yittle Christmas trees?!  Peeeaze?!”Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Every fall I think “I’m going to force some Paperwhite bulbs and have flowers in the house at Christmastime”, and every year I completely forget, but not this year.  My sister-in-law and I spent an afternoon hanging out and potting up Paperwhites for our houses, and to give away as gifts.  Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Colder weather and shorter days mean more time in the house.  Miss P has a good amount of toys; but her brothers’ hand-me-down wooden blocks are by far her favorite. Christmas brings | Inanorchard

She has an uncanny knack for building very tall towers that seem to defy the laws of physics.  Christmas brings | Inanorchard

The magic is in the tongue…Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Colder days mean more baking in the kitchen.  Miss P and I made these Chocolate Chip Banana muffins the other day, and they were such a hit that they disappeared in one day.  You can find the recipe hereChristmas brings | Inanorchard

Justin was able to take time off during Thanksgiving to work on some improvements for our property.  That meant heavy equipment and excited children…Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Christmas brings | Inanorchard

Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

On the first of December the kiddos started their Advent baskets; a fun tradition I started when the boys were just little guys.  It’s just a basket full of clumsily wrapped trinkets, but they look forward to it every year.  This year Miss P joined the fun and J decided he was a little too old for little trinkets, so there are only three baskets this time around.
Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Usually advent gifts are small, inexpensive dollar section items, or candy, but this year I did something special for the first day of December.  I made all the children Christmas pillowcases.  I found an assortment of Christmas prints on the 50% off table at the fabric store, and used this pillowcase tutorial.Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

They were genuinely excited about their handmade pillowcases.  Even J was pleased.  Target had pillows on sale for $4.50 so I also picked up new, fluffy pillows for each kiddo.  Those pillows have been all over the house!  They pile them on the floor and read books, watching tv with them, they even tried to bring them outside but I put my foot down.Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Another one of the advent gifts was a bottle of cheap shaving cream.  I know it sounds silly but shaving cream is a lot of fun to play with and surprisingly easy to clean up.  It doesn’t stain clothing and it makes the house smell kinda nice.  I let them squirt it in a glass pie pan.Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Miss P was uncertain when we first squirted the shaving cream in a big pile for her.  She turned up her nose and said, “dat poopy!”,  which is her new and not-so-subtle way of telling you she doesn’t like something.  She very quickly got over her squeamishness and jumped right in!Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

December has also brought short days, and long evenings. Long evenings with cooped up kids has lead to some stir-crazy moments and a very frazzled mama.  The other night we busted out our Memory game in an effort to calm the crazy.Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

A warm fire and Peanuts comic books seem to help sooth the savage kids as well…
Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

The kittens are doing well and growing like weeds.  They let us think we’re still in charge but they know better.Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

Speaking of kittens… Monday night we got our Christmas tree all set up.  Lights on, popcorn strung, ornaments hung, the reservoir filled to the top with water, and then we all went to bed.  Sometime early in the next morning we heard a big crash.  I jumped out of bed and rushed towards the noise only to witness a downed Christmas tree, water all over the floor, soggy popcorn garlands, and broken ornaments. The terrified kittens had scattered leaving us to deal with the mess.  We put everything back together, and have vigilantly squirted the cats with water anytime they get anywhere near the tree!Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

December also means that my sewing room has turned into Santa’s workshop.  Every spare minute I can steal I’m in the sewing room working on handmade gifts.  Hopefully I’ll do a post about the gifts I’ve been working on, but for now it’s all top secret.  I’ll give you just a peek at a project I’m working on for Miss P.  She loves all things “fancy” and I thought it would be fun to make her a hand-painted necklace. These are the beads I painted for her new necklace.
Christmas Brings | Inanorchard

December also brings our annual “torture the children day”, otherwise known as, “Christmas picture taking day”.  It’s always a little crazy, someone inevitably ends up hurt and in tears, there’s lots of goofing and a bit of hollering, but in the end there’s usually one picture worth mailing to our friends and family. Christmas Brings | Inanorchard


I hope your December has been cozy so far and thanks so much for stopping by!

~ April

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  1. Jenny

    Love all the sweet moments, and wonderful decorations…minus kitty’s in trees. The pillowcases were inspired. Such warm coziness that they will remember!


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