Saturday January 8, 2011

We rang in the New Year in Santa Cruz with my Mom and Dad.

Enjoyed rainy winter days…

…which turned into rainy spring days and almond blossoms.

We enjoyed evening walks as the daylight hours started to lengthen.

Lots of picnic lunches in blanket tents.

We celebrated 1st Birthdays…

…and watched her grow from a fat, happy baby to a happy, busy toddler.

Planted the garden.

Spring time trips to the beach, playing in the waves,

Digging in the sand.

He turned five and loved every minute of being the Birthday Boy.

 Sunday naps with Daddy.

Started the summer off with a trip to Tucson.

A week of exploring the desert, swimming, and lounging by the pool.

The lazy summer days brought sprinklers, ice cream, pink cheeks, tan legs, and long hot days.

~We celebrated 10 years~

10 beautiful, blessed years

They grew! and grew, and grew…

Park days with cousins

Celebrating 4th of July on the delta in Grandpa’s boat.

Enjoying the garden

Learning to ride a bike

First say of school!

.:Lots of tea parties:.

School field trips

Cold fall days, snuggled up by the fire

~Christmas with family~

Celebrating turning 4!

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by so quickly you hardly catch it going”
~Tennessee Williams

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