The Week that Was

The Week that Was | In An Orchard

I think this jar of tulips perfectly reflects my state of mind this past week.  Monday came and the tulips stood beautifully tall and cheerful…The Week that Was | In An Orchard…and by Friday they looked like this, ready to throw in the towel.  Okay, that’s a tad dramatic :)  My week wasn’t horrible, but Justin was out of the country for work, and the children and I were on our own.  Truthfully, the kids were a huge help to me, working hard, obeying cheerfully, going the extra mile because they knew I needed it.  But still, being a single parent is not for the faint of heart, and our big bed is a lonely place at night.

We managed to keep ourselves busy which helped the week go quickly.

The Week that Was | In An Orchard

The girls did a simple art project with coffee filters that I cut into heart shapes.  They colored the hearts with washable markers and then sprayed them with water.  The effect was the hearts took on a pretty watercolor look, and the girls love watching as the colors spread and bleed into each other.The Week that Was | In An OrchardOnce the hearts had completely dried I took them and stitched them into a garland for their room.

The Week that Was | In An Orchard

The kitchen is the happiest and busiest room in our house.  It’s were I spend the biggest part of my day.  From schooling with each morning, cooking meals, baking cookies, even folding laundry… it’s were I spend my days and I think of all the rooms in the house, it reflects my personality the most.
The Week that Was | In An Orchard

I’ve been experimenting with sourdough these last few weeks.  Feeding my starter each day; getting it nice and bubbly and tangy.The Week that Was | In An OrchardI’ve tried several new recipes all of which I found on King Arthur’s Flour website.  Some recipes were delicious and some ended up in the garbage can (too brick-like to be consumed by humans). I should note the failed recipes were a result of human error, not a badly written recipe.

The Week that Was | In An Orchard

The kiddos played outside in the evenings, right until the sun dipped behind the horizon.The Week that Was | In An Orchard

Winter sunsets are so striking.The Week that Was | In An Orchard

On Friday morning we went with our Homeschool Co-op to see the Gizmo Guys preform at the Gallo Preforming Arts center.The Week that Was | In An Orchard

It was such a fun show!  The Gizmo Guys are a team of jugglers who preform fantastic juggling fetes and then explain the science behind the trick.  The kids were so impressed with their talents!  As we walked out of the show and all three of them were excitedly talking over each other, wanting to relive their favorite parts of the show; I interrupted and said, “You know your dad can do almost every juggling trick the Gizmo Guys did, plus a few others.  He can even juggle knives and torches.” Their eyes grew wide with excitement; “Do you think he’d do those tricks for us?!!  Would he teach us how to juggle?!”The Week that Was | In An Orchard


By Friday night I was ready for an easy evening.  We were on the home stretch; Justin would be arriving home that night around midnight.  I let the kids eat popcorn, cheese, and fruit for dinner, and we rented a movie to watch.  Justin surprised us by coming in the backdoor at 9:30 instead of midnight.  He came baring gifts from France; a small box of French pastries, and lavender sachets for the girls.

The next morning as soon as Justin had finished his breakfast and coffee the children were begging to see him juggle!  He found his bag of juggling things in the shed and put on a good show for them.
The Week that Was | In An Orchard

This led to juggling lessons and things being wildly tossed in the air for the rest of the day :) The Week that Was | In An Orchard

The Week that Was | In An Orchard


I  got my Sweet Pea seeds soaked and planted in my small greenhouse boxes.  If all goes well, I’ll have 144 Sweet Peas to plant in the ground in about 6 to 8 weeks.The Week that Was | In An Orchard


On Saturday night Justin and I got an unexpected date night thanks to my brother and sister-in-law; who played with, and fed, and loved on our kids; while we had a delicious hot meal and uninterrupted conversation.  I even got dressed up much to the amazement of the children.
The Week that Was | In An Orchard

Sunday morning Justin got up before the children were awake, and made us homemade sausage McMuffins.The Week that Was | In An Orchard

I enjoyed my coffee and watched him create magic.  I like a man who knows his way around a kitchen.  He even cleaned up when he was done.The Week that Was | In An Orchard

The Week that Was | In An Orchard

The McMuffins were a huge hit with the whole family, and were so much better than anything I’ve ever bought at McDonald’s :)  They’re never going to want to eat toast and cereal again.The Week that Was | In An Orchard

Here’s a few things I’m enjoying right now:

We started listening to Anne Of Green Gables last week.  I suggested it mostly for mine and Eliza’s enjoyment, and was surprised to look over and see Justin chuckling, and equally surprised when the boys begged to hear more each time a chapter would finish. (We listen to lots of free audio books on LibriVox

This blog is one of my current favorites.  I’m not a knitter, but I never get tired of seeing yarn on needles being made into something beautiful and cozy.  Ginny’s dreamy photography, and gentle way of writing is so appealing to me.  For those of you who do love to knit, she also has a small online shop were she sells her hand-dyed yarn, and I don’t think I have ever seen such gorgeous colors in my life.

Floret Farms has been a longtime favorite blog as well (I also love their Instagram account). But they just recently launched their own online seed and bulb shop, and I am smitten with everything they sell. Their Sweet Pea seed selection is probably one of the best in the country.

And that’s all from our home this week.  We turned another page of the calendar and the children are dreaming up ideas for Valentine’s day, I’m already thinking about summer flowers, and hoping to get our chicken coop fixed up for a new batch of spring chicks.


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  1. amber.

    fun read, my friend, while i’m sitting on hold {forever} on the phone here!!!!
    smiled at the tulips monday and friday – i know that feeling.
    nothing like having your man HOME.
    happy start to a new week! xox


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