The Evolution of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has changed a lot over time.  From the early years of black dresses, perfume, high heels, red roses, table-for-two… to something quite different…just as sweet but very different.  It’s become a week-long celebration with the kids, home-made valentines, pink and red M&M’s all over the house, class parties, and a not-so-quiet meal with all of us squeezed around our kitchen table eating home-made pizza and chocolate cake.  The evolution of a love story; our love story.

The week began with some valentine crafting.  The kids each planned and created valentines to share with their classmates.  Miss E has a very small class she chose to give her friends strawberry sodas with fancy straws.

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

J wanted to make his valentines completely from scratch.  He hand-drew Minecraft cards to staple onto small bags of candy.Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

G is crazy about bubble gum, so he gave each of his friends a long tube of gumballs, with fuzzy Valentine critters stuck to the ends.Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Every year I get tulips for the kiddos’ teachers, I think tulips are the perfect spring flower and they’re usually so reasonably priced, especially compared to roses.Valentines Week | In An Orchard

I made Miss E a special skirt to wear to her class partyValentine's Week | In An Orchard

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

On the morning of Valentine’s day Justin woke the girls up and took them to get doughnuts at Mr. T’s. Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

He came home with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me, his mom, my mom, and a single pink rose for each of the girls.  He’s amazing…Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

I dirtied every pan and bowl in my kitchen to make a double-layer chocolate cake.Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Later that night after we got all the kids in bed, Justin and I cooked a delicious dinner of steak, creamed spinach and chocolate mousse, which we enjoyed by candle-light.  The romance isn’t dead it’s just delayed :)

With Valentine’s day came Spring.  A streak of 70 degree days and suddenly the world around us was full of blossoms, flower sprouts, open windows,…Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

…and long walks down the canal with blossoms arcing over our heads.Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

The kiddos have been eating their lunch picnic-style on the back lawn.Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

We did some spring cleaning too.  J volunteered to scrub all my kitchen cabinets.  Big kids are awesome!Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

We even spent the day at the beach with cousins, swimming until the sunset.
Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

In completely unrelated and un-valentine’s day news; Miss P is potty training.  Her older siblings are her biggest cheerleaders. Miss E keeps her company while she sits, and her big brothers are always ready with high-fives, fist-bumps, and a hearty “Way to go Pearl!”.    Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Speaking of Miss P; last week she woke up from nap just in time for a fresh loaf of bread to come out of the oven.  I sliced a thick slice, smeared it with butter, and handed it to her.  The girl loves her bread and butter…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

While I was snapping her picture she suddenly took an interest my camera lens. Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

She got up real close so she could see her reflection in the surface of the glass. Man I love this kid.

Valentine's Week | In An Orchard

Summer seeds arrived in the mail last week and I am daydreaming about a summertime garden and flowers all over the house.  I agreed to give up a small portion of the garden to Miss E who really wants carrots, tomatoes, and squash in our garden this year (the sacrifices we make for those we love ).

I hope your Valentine’s day was just as sweet, and thanks for stopping in  ~April

One thought on “The Evolution of Valentine’s Day

  1. Susan

    I love it: “the romance is not dead just delayed.”
    T wants a valentines dress like the one you made E. Not as practical for someone her size!


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