The Garden {June 2016}

The Garden {June 2016}

The month of May always leaves me spinning.

Every spring I tell myself, “brace yourself girl” but it still manages knocks me down.  I won’t bore you with the endless details, instead I will tell you that I survived (as I have a habit of doing) and now we will move on to the important stuff…the garden.

The Garden {June 2016}The garden now has a proper arch.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It needs a rose of course, but it makes me ridiculously happy every time I walk under it.  The Garden {June 2016}

I find as the years go by, that the garden takes on a life of it’s own.  I make my plans, and it makes it’s own plans…and somehow it all works out beautifully.  The garden decided to grow a cluster of sunflowers near the place I planted them last year, and they are already nice and big.  I’ll be swimming in sunflowers from June to October at this rate.The Garden {June 2016}

June came on hard with a full week of 100 degree plus temperatures.  My darling sweet peas (which were just starting to take off) are not fans of the heat.  I’m gathering small bouquets while I can but these hot temperatures will finish them off before too long.The Garden {June 2016}

The Garden {June 2016}

I am determined to grow better sweet peas next year.  This is the one area of the garden that I’ve been disappointed with.  Even when I get a decent crop, the stems are too short and the blooms are small.  I’m brainstorming and planning even now, hoping that next year I will be able to grow proper sweet peas.  Don’t get me wrong…small sweet peas are better than no sweet peas…but I know I can do better.The Garden {June 2016}

The back half of the garden is looking lovely! Not a lot of flowers at this point but everything is looking healthy and on the verge of blooming.The Garden {June 2016}

My zinnias are covered in buds and stretching up nice and tall.The Garden {June 2016}I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see two rows of healthy, happy zinnias.  After last year’s disappointing and frustrating zinnia experience, I was really ready for a year of beautiful zinnias.  Thanks to Johnny’s Seeds it looks like I’ll be getting just that…

The Garden {June 2016}


This little Billy Ball might not look like much to you my friend, but to me it is epic.  The result of three summers of trying, and failing to grown Billy Balls.  A whole row of beautiful Billy Ball plants!  The first year I attempted to grown them, I simply sowed them directly into my raised beds, and not a single seed germinated.  The second season, I started them in February, in some egg cartons I had saved.  The egg cartons proved to be too small and shallow.  The seeds germinated but they never took off.  Not enough soil to get their roots established, so the shriveled up and died.  This year I took no chances…growing trays were bought, good seed starting soil was purchased, and for two months I babysat those seedlings.  I carefully transplanted them at the beginning of April and they have continued to grow and thrive.The Garden {June 2016}The funny thing is, I told my Billy Ball tale of woe to my friend Kelley (who is co-owner and operator of a local flower farm, Kelley Farms), and she laughed and said, “April, what on earth did you do to your Billy Balls?!  All we do is press the seeds into the dirt with our index finger and they grow!”  So there you have it… next year I think I’m going to try the Kelley Farm method.

My Bachelor Buttons are on the verge of blooming.

The Garden {June 2016}

So excited about the basil I planted this year!  It has the prettiest dark purple stems and tips, it’s going to look stunning in bouquets.The Garden {June 2016}

All the sage I planted (to use as filler in my bouquets) is looking lovely as well.  Herbs and flowers are my favorite combo. The Garden {June 2016}

In the back half of the garden I planted two new rows of sunflowers, and a few of them are starting to bloom.  I bought one package of single stem sunflowers to mix in with the other varieties.  Normally, I wouldn’t bother growing single stem flowers, but I liked the pale yellow color and they were on sale.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from them, but it looks like they aren’t going to grow to the towering heights that sunflowers normally achieve.
The Garden {June 2016}

The Garden {June 2016}


This is the Yarrow I planted.  It’s the first year I’ve grown it in the garden.  The foliage has a unique and feathery texture.  My goal was to have more flowers in the garden that would be good for drying.  Billy Balls and Yarrow dry nicely.  I had hoped to also grow Chamomile as well, but it doesn’t look like I’ll get around to it this year.

The Garden {June 2016}

She likes to follow me around and point out all the ladybugs she finds.
The Garden {June 2016}

The Garden {June 2016}

The garden also decided to plant Cosmos in random places.   The Garden {June 2016}They’re mixed in with the sweet peas, and scattered all around the edges of the garden.  The sweet peas have even begun to use the Cosmos as a trellis to grow on.

The Garden {June 2016}

The dahlia’s are covered with buds but the Earwigs are starting to nibble on the petals.  I need to remedy that very soon.The Garden {June 2016}

The roses are blooming again too.The Garden {June 2016}

Despite the fact that I’m a lousy vegetable gardener, we actually have edible things growing in the garden this year.  The tomato plant (given to us by a friend) is covered in little green tomatoes, and our row of carrots continue to grow.  The little girls love the carrots and tomatoes.  In fact they bicker and squabble over who gets to pick the ripe tomatoes and who will get to pull the first ripe carrot (how do you know when a carrot is ready to pull?).The Garden {June 2016}

When I take pictures of the garden I never feel like I do it justice.  There’s really no way to capture all the nooks and crannies, the smells, the way the flowers and the foliage look throughout the day.  There’s just no substitute for wandering around the garden.The Garden {June 2016}

The Garden {June 2016}

And that’s all from the cutting garden.  Next time there will be lots actual flowers to show off :) The Garden {June 2016}

I hope you’ll come back soon.  Now that we’ve settled into a summer groove there should be more posts appearing.  As always, thanks for visiting!

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  1. Shanda

    That is so much work and you must feel so satisfied with it all. Gardening isn’t my first love, but I do it and seem to love it more every year (perhaps bc the children are getting older and I have more time). I have sunflowers just starting to open. Zinnias will be another week, lilies are open, and we are picking peas and lettuce in the veggie garden.


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