Scenes from Summer

Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

This nearly turned into a post-less summer.  But brace yourself my friend, you’re about to get 8 weeks worth of summer in one shot.  I hope it won’t feel too jumbled but we’re going to go heavy on the pictures and light on the words (just the way I like it). Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Grandpa W dusted off the boat and treated us to a day on the lake.  Which makes some of the best memories my kiddos have.  There’s just something magical about the lake, playing hard all afternoon, pulling the boat into the dock as the last bit of sunlight disappears and loading tired, happy kids into the van.Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Summer mornings start in the garden with my girls, dirty feet, and buckets of water full of flowers.Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

There have been outdoor parties with the cousins.
Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

We celebrated Father’s day with my Dad a little early this year before my parents headed back to their home in Oregon.  I think this might be one of my favorite pictures of him.  So typical, surrounded by eager children as he gushes over handmade cards and gifts.Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

I insisted we take some photos since visits are fewer and farther between now.Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

We don’t do serious real wellScenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

We spent a hot summer night at our sweet friends’ house eating homemade sourdough pizza…
Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

….and hula hooping in the front yardScenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

We visited the water park several times and the kids made themselves at home in the water, playing so hard, and snacking poolside in their swimsuits with their brown summer skin.Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Does it get more summer than this?Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Play hard all day, read all night
Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Vases of flowers inspired art by Miss E, who has fallen in love with acrylic paints (which is fun and also tricky because watercolors are so much easier to clean up!)
Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

The highlight of the summer could arguably be when Grandma W treated the grandchildren to an overnight stay at a cabin near Mt. Hermon.  For 5 days and 4 nights the grandkids took turns staying with Grandma at the cabin.  The first two nights the girls joined her, and the last two nights we switched the girls for the boys.  My sister-in-law Jessica and I drove up on Saturday to make the switch, and spent a lovely Saturday playing in the redwoods and swimming near a waterfall.  Grandpa W also came up so stay with Grandma and the boys.  Such wonderful memories of hiking, ice cream eating, and playing in the creek. Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

We also had our share of sickness this summer.  First sweet Miss P ran a high fever for a week solid.  When it became clear that this wasn’t a virus that was going to run it’s course, we made a doctor’s appointment.  Poor baby spent the better part of the day running a high fever, having blood drawn, and x-rays taken; only to find out she had Strep throat. Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Exactly one week later big sis came down with Strep too.  I was so bone weary of being confined to home, working hard to keep the girls comfortable and trying desperately to keep the rest of the family from getting sick.  Thankfully only the girls ended up getting sick and summer life could finally resume. Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

I never get tired of seeing fresh flowers and eggs in the kitchen.
Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Justin took another week-long trip to France and this little girl missed him tremendously (we all did but Miss P especially needs her morning snuggles with dad)Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

Our ray of sunshine turned three, but that deserves a post of it’s own
Scenes from Summer | InAnOrchard

See you soon my friends, so much so catch up on, happy changes for our family…but more on that later (wasn’t that a rotten way to end a post :-) )

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