Turning Three

My sweet girl, you were so excited about your third birthday.  It’s hard, when you’re just a little thing, to figure out how Birthdays work.  Everyone else was having birthdays, opening presents, blowing out candles, eating cake…and every time you would ask, “Will it be my birthday now?  Tomorrow?  When will it be my birthday?”

But finally, at long last your birthday arrived.  Daddy woke you up early and took you to breakfast.  You had a hard time shaking off the sleepiness while you ate your special pancakes.
Turning Three | InAnOrchard

When you got home from breakfast I had all your presents wrapped and waiting on the coffee table so you would see them right when you walked in the door.

Turning Three | InAnOrchard

We let you open a few small presents right away, and saved your bigger gifts for after dinner when Grandma and Grandpa W. would arrive.  You gasped and clutched your Hello Kitty chapstick rings, and positively beamed when you opened your very own bag of Jelly Beans.  Your Daddy glanced over at me and said, “Sheesh, were there no small bags of jelly beans at Target?”  I just grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

Turning Three | InAnOrchard

We filled up the pool and you spent nearly all day in your swimsuit.Turning Three | InAnOrchard

Your were a generous little soul and shared your jelly beans with big sis.Turning Three | InAnOrchard

The next important thing on the to-do list was the cake.  You had been talking about and planning your cake for months!  Turning Three | InAnOrchard

We bought large and small gumdrops from the big bins at the grocery store.  We fished the tiny cookie cutters out of the big box of cutters and you and your sister helped me roll out and make little gumdrop flowers.
Turning Three | InAnOrchard

We made gumdrop mushrooms and gumdrop grass,and especially gumdrop carrots.  The gummy carrots and frogs were by far your favorite.Turning Three | InAnOrchard

Turning Three | InAnOrchard

I made semi-homemade pizza (thank you Trader Joe’s for your yummy and inexpensive pizza dough!), because pizza is still your favorite dinner.Turning Three | InAnOrchard

After dinner you finally got to open the rest of your presents.Turning Three | InAnOrchard

You really got into the present openingTurning Three | InAnOrchard

We sang Happy Birthday loudly and you suddenly got a little shy.  The chocolate cake was enjoyed to it’s fullest, and got spread from ear to ear.Turning Three | InAnOrchardWe love you darling girl, you make us laugh everyday with your goofy smiles and funny phrases.



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