Friday November 23, 2007

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my husband’s family yesterday.  Whenever we all get together, we have such a good time and we always say to each other, “We should do this more often!”. But we never do.  Such is life.

I didn’t get any pictures of the feast, I was too busy eating and feeding two little boys, but I managed to get some before and after shots.

This was him the entire day… running!

Sometimes it isn’t easy being the little guy

The men in this family do not sit still.
 If there had only been two of them, they would have managed to play a football game.

After dinner we went on a “hill-billy hay ride”  The tractor and trailer were brought around and all of the mix-matched couches from the garage were  placed on back.  We all piled in and took a tour of the neighborhood.  The neighbors stared blankly as we sang “Jingle Bells” and waved enthusiastically.

Big Brother found his kindred spirit.  He and his cousin (who is two days older than him)  were inseparable most of the day.  He was delighted to discover a girl who doesn’t mind a little rough and tumble play!

Sharing the holidays with your children is exciting; it is not, however, relaxing!  I don’t think I had a single conversation that lasted for more than 5 min. and didn’t end with, “Excuse me. I need to stop my son from…”  I can’t figure out if they’re keeping me young; or making me old!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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