Monday November 19, 2007

After lunch he said he wanted to pick flowers for Auntie Alli.  He wanted to put them in a vase, so I filled an old canning jar with water and set it in the grass next to the flower bed.  In the 12 min. it took me to put some shoes away and switch a couple loads of laundry; he had found a better use for the water.

I walked out and found him sitting in the middle of a hole, happily squishing mud between his toes.  At that point the damage was already done and there was only one thing left to do… take pictures!

They where having so much fun! Fortunately, mud is easy to deal with.  I stripped them down on the back porch and threw their muddy clothes in the washer. After a warm bubble bath and some fresh clothes; they were ready for a long nap.

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