Tuesday November 6, 2007

We have lots of nice toys.  Bats, balls, train set, bikes, sandbox, books, cars,…  All morning long I wanted them to play with their toys so I could get a little work done.  When I finally accepted the fact, that the only place the would be happy, was under my feet; I decided to make the best of it.

Soon I noticed him climb into the the laundry basket.

“Me’s  ride in  my  boat  Mommy!”

He disappeared down the hall and came back with the lid to the laundry basket in his room.

“Me’s lakeboarding Mamma!” He meant wake-boarding.
“Need a rope Mamma.” 

Ahh… a rope to pull the wake-board.  I dug through the bottom of a closet and found some unused tension exercise  equipment.

He even found a way to hook it up to his boat, by pushing it though one of the basket handles.  

To think of all the time I wasted trying to get him to play with his toys.

The man and the boat, that inspired the play.

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