Friday November 2, 2007

He had four of his own, but all he wanted was the one he didn’t have.  The one his brother was happily playing with.  He could bare it no longer,  he reached out and took it.  As I handed it back to brother; I pointed out the four perfectly good (almost identical) toys he already had. 

When the catalog came in with the mail the other night I set it aside to look at before bed.  I have dresses, I have skirts and shoes.  They are all very nice, but nothing that hung in my close look even half as beautiful as anything in that catalog. It was all completely out of my price range and completely out of the question, but it didn’t keep me from wanting.  Soon, I was feeling very sorry myself.

Contentment is such a simple idea but it always seems to be slipping through my fingers.  I am the man with hundreds of sheep; single-mindedly pursuing someone else’s much beloved pet lamb.  Discontentment is a doubled-edged sword.  Not only are you constantly chasing the horizon, but you rob yourself of the moment; falling into the trap of “Just one thing more…”. How foolish and ungrateful I must seem to the Lord.

Really, contentment can found right inside my own front door.  The pot of soup simmering on the stove, the happy, healthy boys playing under my feet, the husband who so ably provides for us.  To know and really understand that He will provide all I ever need, and to look no further than that.

3 thoughts on “Friday November 2, 2007

  1. H0LDfast

    you watch my children AND send me home with gorgeous roses - does that seem slightly unbalanced to you?? thank you, i’m so grateful for you!! and i owe you. why is it that we see in our kids how we act before the Lord . . . so convicting.

    and tell jude thank you – his boquet is on my desk ~

  2. Javagirl201

    Very true!!! Reminds me of the quote I just put on my myspace: “To be content with what we posses is the greatest and most secure of riches”. Even we adults need to be happy with the “toys” we have. =)


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