Thursday July 31, 2008

Everyday, as soon as he wakes up he asks, “Where are we going today Mommy?”.  If the answer to that question is “nowhere.”, he will then ask, “Who is coming to our house Mommy.”  This morning the answer to both of those questions was negative, so we took the long way to Grandma W’s house.

The walk ended as it always does.  Two tired, dirty boys piled into the wagon with Mamma steering them towards home.

Life is good when you’re three and one year old.  Days are filled with adventure, exploration, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, naps, books, and baths.

3 thoughts on “Thursday July 31, 2008

  1. Javagirl201

    Hehe.  Paige does that too — ask where we are going every morning.  If the answer is nowhere she tried to argue with me though.  You’re so good about taking lots of pictures of your kids!!!  I need to take more!

  2. periwinklecurls

    We went on a golfcart ride with Eric today and looked across the open fields. The walk from your house to your mother-in-law’s is a decent little trek in the hot sun!  =)


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