Saturday July 26, 2008

The Wailin’ Jenny’s are my new favorite group.  I’ve been listening to their Firecracker CD exclusively for the last week and a half.

They are a group of three young Canadian woman (Ha! Kristen, I guess I have Canadians of my own now!) and I guarantee you haven’t heard anything this beautiful in a long time.  Their music is bluegrass, country roots style.  The harmonies these ladies sing are so beautifully simple, subtle, and perfectly blended.  Their voices lull you, pull you in, and surround you.  The song lyrics are just as enchanting.  Their songs are about life at its fullest and most fragile. 

You can check out their lyrics, read their bios, and purchase their songs on their website  They’re still a relatively small group so I’m not sure if you would find their CD’s locally.

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